Saturday, October 20, 2012

to be heard: the reply

my dear dinie, i'm sorry for the late reply.. i should have known that it won't be that easy for someone like you..yet, i've been acting like nothing had happened..i'm truly really sorry..this intelligent-for-nothing girl had been somehow stupid enough to ignore your carefree face expression when there is curiousity down deep in you..i must have been ignorant and insensitive (and i'm sorry for being like that all this time)

i can't promise you that i'll change..however i hope that you'll help me to turn over into a new leaf..your assistance is what i'm thirst of now.. please stay with me, friend and together insya-Allah we'll go to Jannah..

about that issue, i knew that it will happen the moment i wrote you the shouldn't be easy to put a halt on something that involves everyone in the world know this..but i also know that you're a tough girl..your irresistable charm, your adorable face had sometimes confused people around you that brought them into another world where burdens seem to be lifted up while problems seem to dissappeared from view..

it is my definition of i've been sticking to korean dramas like a gum..but i somehow never have experienced something like this's just that i know it's not a right thing to do..however, it's not yet the time for you to stop, my advice is that you should continue your attempt to tell him the truth..insya-Allah you'll be able to do it..but if and only if, he just seem like he don't want to care about your words..the, we'll talk about this matter at school..face to face..aye to eye..and then we can decide the best solution to this problem..

i really got to go now..hope you'll understand my words here..i know my english is poor but still i did my best..keep trying and know that i'll always be by your side..bye,baby