Sunday, February 27, 2011


Assalamualaikum dear readers… How are u today? Hope u are fine now n always… today is Sunday n tomorrow is Monday…everyone know that right? Just reminding u cause I’d love to do I hope u’ll accept me for who I am… there is nothing to tell u again..n just to tell u readers that I will have an examination this march…so wish me the best of luck kay? Hope to write something with more information for u in the next post..hope to see u again…tata readers! N always remember to SMILE :)….

Friday, February 25, 2011

my first post...tada!!!

assalamualaikum n wc 2 my blog..juz tryin to publish a, here is my,my,my...what a nervous day..i was just hev 2 do my oral..but da things goin upside i wish i could do my oral again!!only god knew wat i was feelin...well,past is must go on,right??anyway i've got notin 2 tell u,, bye 4 now...hev a nice day!! :)