Sunday, May 10, 2015


assalamualaikum n hye there!!

miri is a state in sarawak which became our destination for four days. it was my first time being there and it was all because of hilmi's wedding reception. alhamdulillah, the grand event went very well and we enjoyed (kind of) the food and the songs.

as usual, i held a position as a photographer but mind me, i HAVE to be in the photos as well. and to be honest, there were quite a number of selfies. does anyone really cared about this mere fact? oh, whatever!

2ND MAY 2015

the king and queen of the day ~

me: haq, wait. may i?
haq: ..... (stares at the camera, cooperating without words)

that very evening, we actually went to tanjung lobang. a beach. of course, it wasn't one like in port dickson here. avoid swimming was an obvious instruction written on a signboard there. so what? i could still take lots and lots and lots of pictures. dedicated benor.

entahlah, susah sungguh nak wefie. tak pro lagi. more practice please.

lovey dovey, sweet, caring, amazing, super-duper awesome couple
-alhamdulillah, for this incomparable gift

these was us

VIVIDLY, WE'LL REMEMBER. how weird it was to shout and scream just for a spoon of rice from KFC. we hurt our throats, unfortunately.

3RD MAY 2015

being a home sweet home inhabitant, i was really eager to at least make use of this vacation wisely. so, i was the one proposing to explore the beauty of sarawak. and since we're Malaysians, it's a shame if you have got the chance to be in miri, but did not visit the caves or the national parks. believe me, subhanallah, it was beyond what i have seen and imagined before.

the beauty of a mother, indeed



oh yes, they had the same pose
like mother, like daughters? 

kalau aku tampaq pokok ni, agak2, keluaq dak hantu?
our second visit was to GUA NIAH.

it took up our precious 50 minutes just to get up of the hill and go into the cave. it was tiring, never-done-before act but surprisingly, it was one of the best experience ever. what more can i ask for when i could do it together with SHIRAZs. all praise to Allah. 

the view itself was breathtaking. the people were like relatives.and as for me, before this trip, i thought that what can a cave offer you? but, mashaAllah, i've seen a new side of His creation. and they were never disappointing. NEVER.

boyo dalam sungai. tapi x nampak pon.

nampak perpeluhan itu?
itulah bukti kepenatan kami di sebalik senyuman yg terukir.
tapi memang kami gembira pon.

before this very day ended, mom and dad's besan took us out for dinner. we had mee kolok, laksa sarawak, satay and everything that could go in our digestive system. but, no wastage was allowed okay?

guess, it wasn't that interesting , huh? (the whole experience was interesting but my writing is a no-no) i've never cared. cause all i know is that i really enjoyed our short vacay and not very long after this, i'd depart to kulim, in shaa Allah. wish me luck guys and keep my name in your duas.

may the best be ours. appreciate what you have now, cause it will never be the same in the future. never will. but for sure, the memories remain. amiinnn.