Thursday, December 19, 2013

abil.yamin.una.haziqah.syafiqah.julia.alisha.ajjmal.alin. ~ our memories

assalamualaikum and hye visitors!!

jeng! jeng! jeng!
guess what? the names stated above had been to a very wonderful country thanks to Allah...
it was the most memorable trip so far and might be the best forever!! well, no one can predict what will happen in the future, right?

SOUTH KOREA was our definite destination from 9th to 14th Dec 2013..
neither one of us had ever thought of this trip would occur this early.. :D indeed, He knows best..

flying to ICH airport through CGK (jakarta) gave us a chance to experience the world's deadly crossing road was surely can cause fatal without help from teachers and the tour guide (?).. but we had fun there.. :D all in all, this day is merely the beginning..just wait for the fun!!
arrived safely at soekarno-hatta airport.. 

in the bus to the mall..

faces after first time using IDR currency..
had so much trouble with multiples zeros... :(

self ice breaking session
amazed with the 7 colours of rainbow as the sun rises..

had omelette for breakfast

reaching seoul in couple of minutes.. ^^

officially, this is our first day in South Korea. yeah, we got excited all the times as we get to know our tour guide- Uncle David!! his fluent english made us amazed and stunned, cause surely without his help our trip in this country would be a little bit tough?? 
met uncle david for the first time!!
seserians at lotte world ~ challenging the cold weather.. ^^

skiing attraction at lotte world!

been forced to ride this ridicolous thing!

performance of k pop songs through a smooth storyline..
after a  while, we proceed our journey to the nami island - one of the famous filming place of 'winter sonata'..we need to ride a ferry for 5 minutes or so before reaching it..
i present you HAN RIVER..

on the ferry mentioned above to nami island~~

the ahjumma :P

approximately, we cross the river at 6.00 p.m. so, it is not actually evening in south korea as this is winter season dude! yes indeed, the sun sets earlier as the temperature decreases throughout the night.. the good news we heard is that, it is going to snow tomorrow!!! falling snow, here we come....

the best sleeping option available!! tatami..
woke up due to the 'exo's -growl' song which only yamin could heard it. she just woke me up to turn off the alarm and continue sleeping.aigoo...after the morning call, we were getting ready for our next destination when abil announced that the snow is falling!! it was so beautiful, alhamdulillah..

mount seorak, located just a few minutes bus ride from our hotel, brought us to another part of the world..subhanallah, it was just indescribable..

in front of 'bear lady'..
there's a history behind it- a long one..

riding the cable car..

beginning of climbing mount seorak, just follow the trail..

at the peak of the mountain!
as pn sharifah said, you must 'sorak' when you reached here
as the name of mountain said so.. :D

the cold wind forced us to leave mount seorak as soon as possible.. so, we depart to the fish market.. the price offered were reasonable too...

the sotongs are being dried..

eager(?) to eat the lunch..
after the meal, we had to go through a 5-hour journey to jeonju..we only arrived after the moon shows itself..hehe..then, we were separated as we follow our own host family..

we were given a schedule for today. according to it, we have to follow the first period of class for the day, before proceeding to jeonju haneok village..

the friendly chinggus of korea!!!

speech by the principal..

jeonbuk girl's high school..

julia and julia :DDDD

traditional korean games..

each meeting will always end with, bye2 friends.. hope to meet you someday..

as the sun shows itself, we depart to the gyeonggibuk palace.. took lots of pictures there..
then, we went to a shopping centre - shinsegae and to seoul mosque..
the important thing is that the subway incident happened on this day.. hehe..

king's palace


subway? :P

then, we went to seoul stadium..playing with snow was the best!!but playing it with you guys was much more fun and happening!! 

at night, we had so much fun when the snow falls non-stop..

THE TRIP ENDS HERE. there will be no other trip that is similar to this one. i miss the teachers, uncle david, uncle jimmy and friends..bye2 seoul..bye2 memories..hope that we will cherish them well 
<3 <3 <3