Thursday, January 22, 2015

a narration


i just feel like writing, and for some good reasons, it is better than me sleeping on the bed like there's nothing to do at all.

you guys should have noticed it too, if this blog is my ig account, then, there would have been thousands pictures in it. you know what guys? i found a quote where it says that we should save some pictures for our rightful man, and do not just post all of them in instagram. that would be more blessed.

last saturday, we went to send my brother off to new zealand. 2015 is going to be his fourth year as a medical student, and yeah the parting was glum. all in all, me as the photographer of the day, did my job well. reward should be given, i say? :D

fated to meet dinie and ainatul, was a grace to my january. alhamdulillah, we went to the education fair in klcc and spent our seemingly short time together. two years, we were separated. but it proves that true frienship does not meet an end. and so do us, so i thank Allah for giving me such opportunity to befriended with these two wonderful girls.

every single one of us should encounter problems in our life. what more if it is related to decision making. and that is the main reason of me being here in front of the laptop, thinking of my unfold future, but ending up blogging and posting pictures.

whatever it is, i pray that He will ease. :D

Monday, January 12, 2015

happy 26th golden birthday :P

i can't really relate what's that golden word doing up there.

'89 born, automatically 26 years old in 2015.
third child of seven. first female, though.
big sister, tiny figure, huge ambition, amazing attitude.

yup, here's another birthday wish post to an incredibly busy doctor which unfortunately lost her insufficient weight due to work demand. stay strong, yana!

i know you don't have time to read much, so here's a really short wish to save your time reading and a video to make it more interesting.

> Allah burdens not a person beyond his scope. thus, we, the SHIRAZ wish you all the best in everything you do, may Allah bless us always, long live and keep that lovely smile on your pretty face, yeah :D happy birthday, miss NURLIYANA MASTURA BINTI RAZALI

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

salam 2015

salam 2015, people.

as of the first week of january, i went to apply for a driving license, and as He is the best planner, surprisingly, i met 3 friends of mine at the academy. albeit, when i think of it, there's just two driving academies in seremban, so there's a chance of 50% to meet some of my old friends living around here. all in all, i was just happy to have to meet them though i didn't even talk to anyone of them.

back to the picture up there, i intended to share this with you guys. yup, sometimes we do ask question that shouldn't be asked. yet, He had stated clearly in the Quran, that He knows what's the best for us. some of the questions are :-

- why don't i get good grades when i studied days and nights and even more than anyone else did?
- why don't i get to be the champion when i practiced 365 days a year?
- why can't i get married with someone whom i've admired for a long time?
- why can't i performed better in any fields i'm involved in?
- why can't i get all of the best things that had ever existed in this world?

humans aren't always perfect. some of those Qs were in my head too. but that was all in the past, never in the future- insyaAllah. 
Allah had never and will never stop loving us. be it when we are full of sins, He is still the most forgiving. Just don't put a question mark where He had put a full stop. :D


-tak tahu lah sejak bila suka berhashtag