Wednesday, December 31, 2014


salam P-E-O-P-L-E

don't question why did i spelt out the word up there. :D so, yeah. ending 2014 with words, quotes, pictures is undoubtedly cliche, kan? but, as always, i dont seem like i ever care. LOL.

pretty much zig-zags on a straight highway. much more fun, tears, feelings, emotions, fights, love, care. and all those unlisted things were on my 2014 path. pretty lively than previous years and yet uncountable challenges made it almost impossible to face through. but, Alhamdulillah, with His help, family's love, friends' care, teachers' support and muslims' du'as, made 2014 a whole lot easier.

ups and downs are normal, only that we have to come up with the best solution to get out of certain situation. some of them happened and could not, in any way, be avoided, cause that's Allah's plan for us.

now, for the main topic,  may i present you >>>>>>>



only a few say, only a few  that she's ugly, few say she's un-cute, few say she's matured. so, you guys guess, out of those few person on earth, what would the others describe about this sister of mine? ( you get what i mean ,kan? it means lagi BANYAK org cakap syahirah ni the opposite of above statements, cause only a few that made those ridiculous statement)

a gap of 3 years automatically announced me as your little sister, and for those 17 years time spent with you, were indescribably  awesome. awesome , okay? read that word very carefully. AWESOME.
SYAHIRAH, you were the clumsiest, weirdest, most brilliant, laziest, most stubborn, most outdated  and the superlatives list goes on.

yet, you were one of the best pieces of my puzzle  AWHHH.... so sweet, right? my own quotes kay? and i'm not sure whether it had existed or not. duh.

my prayer for you is that, may today, 31.12.2014 that officially turns you into the 20's, brings you more joy and fun, more tears and cries, more love and care and surely may Allah's blessings guide you through. be it the guys, or your own friends, if they had ever intended to harm you in any means, do inform us. we, the SHIRAZ- takkan terpisah, :P and will never leave you unassisted.

much love, hugs and kisses from me, family members (including the out station guy), we may not be there by your side always, but our dua's will always be. InsyaAllah.

Ya Allah, let us meet in jannah.

XOXO, from persons kat bawah ni. teehee.

P/S: may 2015 become a great and adventurous year for all. bersandarlah padaNya, kerana Dia tahu apa yang terbaik untuk hambaNya.

Sunday, December 21, 2014


some had asked, why am i not active in social medias, and i would answer them - 'lazyness surrounded me,duh'

honestly, i don't like sharing my thoughts or my life publicly, and this is the reason why i love to blog. you see people, i don't publicised my blog to human beings. though it has 'many' views, but i only have a few followers, which means there are not many permanent visitors here and i love it. in my opinion, sharing through social media is like seeking for publicity. and mencari publisiti is really not my style.

let me be me. sheepish i am, so do accept for who i am. and you don't expect me to be truthful at all times. i need time too, and please do not make me miserable. pray for my best , your best and our best. cause man proposes, and God disposes.

that little girl in her GORGEOUS AND SUPER HOT mom's arm is ME. know that.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

mr zaim and miss wani

assalamualaikum :)

nothing much, really. mr zaim is my cousin and miss wani is his soulmate. we had never know the existence of the name 'zaim' in this tiny guy of an all-tall-male family. or was it just me not knowing that? actually, i dont really care, but thanks to this wedding , we have got the chance to go to a vacation in perak :D

and do you remember the tok kadi whom i told you about? i know his name now!!! ustaz muhd redza, he conveyed 'khutbah jumaat' and was aired in tv1. 19.12.14. awh, so happy to know him.

since harimau malaya did their best in piala aff suzuki tonight, i would like to congratulate them for the good match .. you all menang juga, dont be sad :)) harimau malaya boleh, sebab malaysia boleh!

gojes, kan?

mama's siblings

mr syafique zaim

miss wani

faiz jd pengapit :P

cik lina's family

maksu's family

cik rose's family


cik rija's family

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

hilmi asyraf-solemnization

salam and hey there.

the title itself indicates what this post is going to be about. and if you ever wonder who hilmi asyraf is- he's my 2nd big bro. the first one had had his wed last year. fortunately, hilmi had his this year. it is going according to the correct turns. and might as well be the same for the 3rd, huh?

i tell you what, people. the tok kadi was damn hilarious. i wonder what his name was. his jokes were that of unexpected (in my opinion la). oh, oh, the solemnization was on 6th dec and the tok kadi asked bro hilmi why did he choose  that date. and tok kadi said: it was our dr faiz (astronaut) solemnization ceremony too.

we, the audience, were really entertained and laughter filled a small space in Masjid Sultan Zainal Abidin,  Putrajaya. not to mention the bride and the bridegroom. and he, he did look nervous yet handsome.  bro hilmi and his wife were in blue wedding outfits which were different from the others whom had their solemnization in the mosque in white.

and for what i counted as a long 4 years time, we, the family members of SHIRAZ finally had reunited in full package without missing any single one of us. alhamdulillah, all praise to Allah.

maryam and her ummi-kak long

tok kadi dah sampai

his smiles never fades

senyum ke tunjuk gigi?

seseri taught me this

the HIGHLIGHT of the day is the family pic-tures.

since teasing among siblings shall never stop, so here i am to dedicate special messages to each and every siblings of SHIRAZ.(i'm going to use my mother tounge language, ok?)

to hafriz : so-called garang punya abang. satu2nya, brother yg dipanggil 'abang' dalam family.moga sntiasa happy dgn kak long and ade ramai anak. ramai tau :D (saya suka jadi makcik)
to hilmi : to the newlywed hilmi, moga perkahwinan kekal hingga ke anak cucu. moga bahagia di samping kak aziela. i've never seen such smile on your face before. and i'm glad to see it that day.
to yana : dr. yana, jgn stress sgt kerja. ko kate kak aziela tu kak ngah. so, aq tgg abang lang pulak la kan? tau ko dah ade calon pon.. ye ke? :P
to faiz :   sila tgg turn ye.. bagilah kakak ko kahwin dulu.nnt ati nangis plak kan?
to syahirah : ko ade ramai peminat. xde masalah kan? petik jari 100 datang. masyaAllah, parah2.
to me and ati : kite mude lagi, xpe.belajar je dulu.

though they'll never read this post, i am so grateful to have abah,mama and siblings in my life.
may He bless us always and let us meet in His heaven. Amin.