Sunday, August 3, 2014

raya, raya, raya '14

this is the intro..
cause they are so kind of sengets..
well, they'll never know that this is on the net..
salam people..huhuh..
nothing much to say
but yes, happy eid mubarak n maaf zahir n batin..
need not much to say cause i'll let the pictures do the talking..
this is my story..

>>RAYA story ^^

solat lu..

mamatok on right :)

we go raya!!

we celebrated with faiz?? awesome!!

the orange family..
m.cik rija's

at tok su's house

maryam humaira' kot

mau apa bro?

~nogori pulok
atuk aiyob's n wan tiarom's house

met such cute siblings ^^

raisya: serius, dah habis raya ke? O.O

i wish to put in more later..
pray for me, trial is just a day's away..
all the best to the 97's

thanks Allah for the memories, alhamdulillah