Monday, June 23, 2014


salam people, greetings from key-el!!

so, i'm currently busy with school life, searching for knowledge, understanding them..
it is as hectic as it could be with collaborations going on this week..
pray for my best and insyaAllah i'll always pray for you too..
believe that He's the best planner, afterall He is our creator..
bye for now :DDD

Sunday, June 15, 2014

hometown story- kelate..

salam, people :D
since i'm going back to school, so i wanted to share some of my moments treasured with my beloved ones during this holiday..
mind these pictures if you're not interested :P cause i don't really care..
and i would like to wish you a HAPPY RAMADHAN!!! though in advance,
may He bless us always..

Friday, June 13, 2014

two more days to go, guys..
if jihad was easy, then the reward promised wouldn't be that big, huh?
hope to share lots with you..

pray for me and for others too :DDD

also hoping to take pictures as a whole family soon.. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

happy 57th years old, dad!!!

ain't he handsome?

ain't he cool?

ain't he smart?

dear viewers, meet the most super duper awesome dad!!
he's my dad, guys. a man named Razali b Ujang. but, he's not just an ordinary man.
we called him SUPERDAD!! :D

living as a daughter to you dad is the greatest present i've ever received in this world! plus, you're such a great husband to your wife and she would really feel the same way as me. being a dad to 7 isn't that easy, huh? but the reality is YOU did a very good job every now and then. both you and mom shaped us for what we are today. and in return we really hoped that we could make you feel proud of us. 

DAD, till this moment, you've got 2 engineers, 2 doctors, 1 psychiatrist (maybe) and 2 most cute daughters in the world! and you've got super hot mom, the brilliant daughter-in-law and a precious Maryam Humaira' too.
you just can't ask for more, right? 

for every sacrifice you've done for us, for every sweat you've produced in the process of making us into humans, for every love you've showered on us and for every little time you've spent to make us happy,

and for any other reasons (cause it would be impossible to list them all here) we are really grateful to have you as our SUPERDAD!

may He showers you with His blessings. long live and stay healthy. stay awesome and please continue being our superdad! thanks for showing how the world works, but we might need a few more tips to become a superhero like you. 


- sincerely from company of SHIRAZ built in 1985 -