Friday, April 21, 2017

Blame the hormones

Salam semua :)

And hello there. I've been wondering what to write about and this happened just at the exact precise moment. Woooohhoo. But of course, as far as you are concerned, I am a no good story teller. And though I am very aware of that fact, just let me be.

To begin with, we are currently in the 5th week of GI block, with so many components of anatomy, pathology and never-disappointing-yet-ever-so-annoying-BIOCHEMISTRY. As for now, I should have been revising for EBA tomorrow's morning :P But who cares? I won't take that long.

Okay, so the highlight of this post would be the story of one of our beloved lecturers, Dr Fatima Farheen. I hoped I spelt it right. Well, actually I don't really have a story in my hand about her, but her acts today are just inexplicably cute. With her obvious baby bump, she actually complained and pouted about those little mistakes she made in her ppt. She'd be disappointed and apologised for those tiny meeny spelling errors, and kept questioning "Why would be it be like this?  I've put an arrow to connect the diagram and blabala". You see ,she complained about a MISSING ARROW, Haih. You must have not noticed how bubbly you are, right Dr?

Yeap, we all knew it was d/t the hormones and she really made my day. I wondered what would be Mama's cute acts 19 years ago. Thanks Mama and Abah for having me, may Allah bless you both <3

And that is all.

For some added values, there's this one guy really asking for a beat up session. I''ll be sure to take revenge, so HEY YOU, be CAREFUL.

But, Nah, don't worry, it's just a little 'drama queen' monologue up there.

Oh and on more thing I'd love to share with you guys. Have you ever heard of Sherlock Holmes series? I bet you did. If I am to explain the series , that would be a shame, because the storyline is perfectly plotted and perfectly acted by the good-looking Benedict Cumberbatch and again I am not a good storyteller.

Even so, I can assure you that this series is 110% worth watching. So, Happy Sherlock Holmes-ing.

aryan awkward nak wefie, cik ain tak mampu tanggung aryan yg debab tp comel,
cik lin tried putting everyone into the frame( tapi byk dinding je masuk)
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