Monday, February 8, 2016

Penang moments


Yeay, alhamdulillah, I am finally at home after about 2 months staying and loving the view of Kolej Mara Kulim. Though, this holiday is short, I thank Allah for giving me the chance to reunite with my family ( will be missing you soon )

There are a number of extended weekends where I didn't dare leaving behind KMKu, and one of them was spent in Penang. I don't think I've told you this before, but the trip was joined by seven newly borned-backpackers. ( yeah, acah2 backpackers ) . We've accounted a lot of unexpected obstacles along the way, a series of lost episodes, a trouble in finding foods, a miserable mix of emotions, but all in all , a memorable-once in a lifetime-never gonna repeat-we're all doomed experience.

So, let's get started !!


On our first day of the trip, we had been on a few modes of transportation which include the bus, taxi, ferry, rapid penang bus (it's considered as a different type of bus instead of the one mentioned before, because the drivers were making us say WOWs a lot ) and most of the times, we just walked our  paths.

we planned and we expected the best outcome
 but He is the the one who decides

leen : halamak, hakak takut, angkat tangan !
fina : err, hello??

What you see in the pictures might consist of fake smiles and happiness, cause we can't tell you the stories behind those smiles,, ( i'm telling you the truth , ok )

Let me tell you what, if you planned on going to Penang Hill on public holidays, think thrice or simply don't go. There will be an endless queue and continuous waitings. Urghh, we have had enough that day.

auni : penat dooh jale, tuo benar ambo ghaso

we're at the top of the world

capiq was here too!!
It was well begun, and alhamdulillah well-ended too. :)

the murals everywhere

esplanade/padang kota lama

say cheese :)))))

I didn't know that posing and capturing pictures would lead to tiredness, until 3D trick art proves just that.
TIPS: If you'd like to enter the museum , do come early, or you'll regret queueing. And, if you've entered it, just be ready for the camera.

acah dok kampung je semua

fina : siapa patut duk sebelah aku ni ?? hmm

yayerzz, we're back to school guys!!

gembira pulak naik cable car ni ,,

cc : nurfadzlin ( this is my best shot of all, because I love seeing auni's being bullied,
what more when the bully is afina ) ,, teehee

kalau panda betul , nak ke dia berbaik2 dgn kita ??

alin : acah menyelamatkan, tp dlm hati tak ingin pun
auni : i trust you both
syafiq : kisah pulak aku,,

ema : ana suka kena panah :P

Our very next destination was taman bunga,, which was not disappointing but the arrival time wasn't a good one. The scorching hot sun was burning ourselves inside and out, we're indeed burnt. Just not to ashes.

Upon making an exit out of the park, an uncle came up with a question (cepumas punya),,

Uncle: The weather is so hot ah, but where are your umbrellas ?
( we were touched by his concern , but uncle, obviously if we have had those umbrellas, we wouldn't walk around without protection, anyways, tq uncle )

auni : ke manakah hala tuju kita ?

stranger : eh, kameralah, senyum ciked
bee : rasa nak gelak pula

hakak anti social

Many little pieces of this story were left untold, but personally, this trip had taught me more than just the joy of travelling. It gave me the real truth of planning, independence, sense of maturity, leadership, tolerance, patience and above all friendship.

Succeeding alone might be great but succeeding together would be inexplicable.

p/s : I would say that internet access is crucial in backpacking cause without the ability to read a stationary map, a google map would come in handy.
pp/s : I'd love to travel more, but next time I'd prefer a tour guide.

Assalamualaikum :D