Sunday, September 23, 2012

pak belalang

assalamualaikum and hi there!!

i'm pretty sure that i have told you about my bro who is currently studying in nz..
and i bet if you've read my post about him, you'll never even remember what i told you..
cause there's nothing special in that nenekish-like-post (as what dinie always describes my writings)
well, i've got my own supporter AINATUL who has been reading my post leaving behind sweet comments and good words..tq, baby

sorry for bringing you through a  zig-zag writing section..
so, let me go straight to the point..
once upon a time, my bro had been 'ordered' to complete a drama..
pak belalang was his successful project with his roomates or maybe classmates ( i don't really know them)
and i've watched it several times because of the funny storylines..

as sharing is caring, this video shows how much i care about you..
meet my bro and his friends in his epic, interesting, short movie..
till then, enjoy!!!

narrabeen ensem production presents..


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trifle and trifle


Trifle is a dessert dish made from thick (Or often solidified) custard, sponge cake, fruits, whipped cream and jelly. These ingredients are usually arranged in layers. Source: wikipedia

What's with this trifle thingy? Yesterday my mom made it with much love and it was scrumptious..unfortunately i didn't take a picture of it..and usually it will take some time before mom makes sth special like that again..

But for the matter of fact, my mom is currently making another trifle with honey dew flavoured jelly! I'm looking forward to my mom's undoubtly delicious cooking! That's all for now!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

ainatul i'm sorry

my dear ainatul, i'm truly sorry..i didn't mean to hurt you..
sorry for the wrong info..
sorry for making you burst into tears..
sorry for being a spoilsport of your day..
sorry for being a jerk..
sorry for EVERYTHING!!

please accept my apologies..i'm dying to hear your sweet voice and your calming me, i've tried to call you for many did dinie..but you're not there to pick up the phone..

things happen for a reason, right??please forgive me..will you??

i can't create my own sweet i will dedicate thing song just for you..there's no one other than you that can make my day..i'm really really sorry :-(


 ~ no other-by super junior ~

Monday, September 10, 2012


rumours have been spread that we're going to eagle ranch..
a very nice choice for a class trip..
wonder what will happen there..

Sunday, September 9, 2012

the awesomes

haven't write for long..
thought that it's time to tell you something..

just so you know, i have always read your cool blogs..dinie and ainatul..not to forget aina..
and soon i discovered that your writings were just awesome..
i bet i can't  do the same thing like you did..
and i can't help guys are AWESOME!!

so for the curious readers, welcome to my friends blog..
dinie's blog-for whom supporting pijuanddiniewillunite
ainatul's blog- for the happy-go-lucky-and-cute-girl
aina's blog- for the awesomes like her

the trial, the eid and merdeka day were okay(?)
well, for trial the results are just so-so..
as for the eid..i'd celebrated it with much joys and funs..
and for the 55th malaysia's independence always : i got up late and missed the grand celebration held at _______ ( feel free to fill in the blank cause i'm considered as an absent-minded person)

harry potter and the goblet of fire had been my accompany since last week..
this 4th book written by j.k rowling would most likely to be the last book i'll read before the BIG day..
guess there's not much time till then..
and tfes are going to be our daily routine now..still hope for the best...

my apologies for the bad english and maybe some non-suitable words that has been used..
i'm not a good photographer so again, sorry for no pics available..
till the brain gets some fresh ideas..buh-bye..