Sunday, October 23, 2016

of days


Out of so many things that taught me to become a better person, there are some I'd like to share with you guys.

I don't want to brag, but I don't think that the threat of my previous school teachers on "you guys have to be very independent in university life", "the lecturers aren't going to care about you", "you will have to work extra double triple hard to succeed and graduate from your future universities" are merely imaginary threats until now.

Why do I say so? The lecturers here are superbly dedicated and passionate and willing to pass all of their knowledge for the benefit of their students. Despite our differences, say our race, our beliefs, our language, they sincerely seem to have put those things aside. Alhamdulillah, Subhanallah , Allahuakbar.

Still lost in confusion, I started to question, what did I do to actually receive all this kindness? Oh Allah, You are being too nice though most of the times, I do things that You forbid me to, I lost concentration even when I'm facing You in prayers, I forget You,

I don't think I belong here, but I believe that He is trying to pull me closer to Him. By all means, He never leaves me. In the thought and hope to  change for the better, may He guide me through and
through and may He ease

tulisan arab surat albaqarah ayat 186

"Dan apabila hamba-hamba-Ku bertanya kepadamu tentang Aku, maka (jawablah), bahwasanya Aku adalah dekat. Aku mengabulkan permohonan orang yang berdoa apabila ia memohon kepada-Ku, maka hendaklah mereka itu memenuhi (segala perintah-Ku) dan hendaklah mereka beriman kepada-Ku, agar mereka selalu berada dalam kebenaran."

"And when My servants ask you (O Muhammad concerning Me, then answer them), I am indeed near (to them by My knowledge). I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me (without any mediator or intercessor). So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be led aright."

Fyi, this block is on first aid ,ethics and nursing. There's so many interesting things learnt so do look forward to my next post, okay ( I don't promise but I'll try)

P/s: yanggg oddsis :D

Friday, October 14, 2016

4 rest days

Assalamualaikum readers :)

A so-called traveller I am, was able to explore the beauty of India. And alhamdulillah, my four days of holidays were well-spent insyaAllah.

Before anything else, you guys should know that in USM medical school, there would be numbers of PBL sessions along the way. Well, I don't know about other medical schools but these PBL sessions are very informative, problem based (of course) and in their finest way to introduce us to the real life cases.
Mind you, that presenting a case with such shallow knowledge in front of  honourable lecturers is the most nerve-wrecking moment. But, as time passes by you'll just realise that they are here to help. So, make mistakes and learn and that would make you remember better

Enough with these PBL stories, but oh yeah, all thanks to Him that He actually gifted me with the 'Boncits' to walk through this first two years of medical school. So, here I present :


yazid paling boncit 

keluarga bahagia katanya

And guess what guys,, though I am here in India for only a month, this very outstandingly dedicated determined individuals that yearn excellence (a.k.a ODDITYX) actually planned a  trip for the batch, woohoo
And it's a trip to GOAAAAAAAA

Goa is another beautiful tourist spot but the journey to get there isn't that enjoyable. But above all, I didnt encounter any problems due to motion sickness and for that I'm grateful. 
And, since I don't intend to write much, plus the clock is already pass midnight, and Bihah is already sleeping, I think that I should just end it here. For all the memories created, Alhamdulillah and for more to come, may it be blessed.

tempe suka photobomb

zet gumbira

batch kesayangan la jugak

hakak2 manissyy

P/s: Don't miss you Kahfi recitation okay? 
Pp/s: Missing every family members, friends and teachers. May Allah bless us all, forgive our sins, multiply our good deeds, and grant us what's best for us. He always knows best , Ameen. 

Salam puding jagung merah :DDDD