Monday, June 20, 2011

especially 4 my DAD!

assalamualaikum readers..

since da exam ended n the results are stil on their way to get to know me..this is da 1st post 4 u dear not that kind of people who forgot their promises but im kinda human that is a little bit lazy..but 4 da 1st time i wrote a post wid a very happy heart...

da only reason i wrote dis post is to say

actually i should have published this post yesterday..but sth i decided to publish it today!it was nth really but this is especially for matter what happens..
as a conclusion,i've got nth else to say..but fyi i really enjoyed my holiday..i was in kelantan as u know(if only u knew)..meeting my grandma,uncles,aunties n cousins..i was really like jumping all around but in the 3rd day..i've got stomachache n i vomit for almost 5 times!so i thought it was just meant to happen to me on that special vacation to my hometown...

i think i've got to be too far from the real topic but i hope it won't annoys u..isn't it?if it is..forgive me...BUT..its my blog,right?'ve my rights to write everything...n i think i've gtg now...i am really not in the mood right now...