Sunday, December 25, 2016


Assalamualaikum to all inhabitants of the Earth. (animals can't read this and reply, so nvm)

Current mood : Happy
Current hobby : Telling stories and listening to them
Current intention : Revising this block's syllabus

But currently, I'm writing this post. Okay, I also don't know where's this thing leads to.

Let me start with GMT 103. That was few months back but since I have my own rights in my own blog, so let meh. This block consists of first aid, medical ethics and nursing. It was much more interesting than previous blocks but was nothing compared to GMT 105.
We were enthusiastically learning while playing around with hope that the knowledge will be sustained longer . Uh, excuses
kapal layar

serabainya talii

ponek layan kerenah diri sendiri
If you are observant enough, I don't really write much in my posts, and most of the time , there are pictures attached, so this blog is more like an album to me, where I put notes on insignificant moments so that when I read it in the future, I'll be reminiscing well

Next, I should tell you guys about 'boncits' photoshoot. To spice it up a little, we, Oddityx should have completed our photography session in a day. Unfortunately, I don't know if this is a fact or an exaggeration, but being a grandma to boncit family seems to have quite an effect on their immune system. It's more like ' boncit's grandma is weak, so her descendants are too'. And to be exact, our session was postponed because majority of bonciters were having symptoms of diarrhea. How loving He is to us, right guys?

So, here comes our happy-cheerful-noisy-overacting-big eater family photos :-

imang tengah fokus guyss
pemberita bertugas
Boncit isn't the main topic for this post so 4 pictures should be enough.

Next on the list would be our moments in Shantai Old Children Home. This was one of our community medicine projects which taught us to be more organized, build up our communication skills and much more on educating us on how to love and care for the elders.
And  I can't deny that communication barrier is a subject of concern here, where most of the occupants can only converse in Kannada and Hindi. And it was a tad bit tough. But all in all, we managed to make use of the opportunity and survived, Alhamdulillah

ema lead zumba guys :P

immersed in his arts

doctor's bday

Finally, we have come to the highlight of the post. Yay !! All praise to Allah, I am now officially 19 years old. Of course today isn't my birthday, nevertheless, I'd like to relay special gratitude to my dearest mama and abah for your everything. I need not mention your good deeds because they are uncountable, thus I'll always pray for our happiness, prosperity and success in life and hereafter. I am sorry for all my wrongdoings, carelessness, naughtiness. Do continue loving me as I am, correct me when I'm wrong, praised me when I'm good, praying for my wellbeing all the time. May Allah bless you <3

ana nmpak effort tu, mekasih haha

aryan debab

saya kat sini, knapa sambut bday saya tanpa saya? huwaa

mama cantikk, ati dapat sikt la kecantikan mama tu ,, teehee
(akak dapat banyakkkkkkkkk :D)

keknya lazat sekali dua kali pon lazat jugaaa

ku lihat yg berbaju merah itu seperti penghuni zoo, masyaAllah