Wednesday, March 18, 2015

presenting >> maryam humaira'

feat me as the photographer ;P

maryam : what are you doing, cik lin??
me : im taking your pwetty pictures, dear

maryam : ooo,, i get it

maryam : lemme do some cute poses, cik lin
me: it will be my pleasure, syg

maryam : is my eyes big enough?? do i look okay, dear aunt?
me : oh yes you do,, maryam. as always 

maryam : awww, cik lin. you got me blushin here
me : <3

maryam : that should be enough, cik lin. i have my own privacy rights, okay??

wished that was our little conversation, cause maryam could only says baaaa..
oh yes, it's a mere imagination

Friday, March 6, 2015

dreams came true( but not so true)

hello , assalamualaikum!!

i've been longing to write a post and keep you updated with my life story, so here i am.

3rd of march had finally revealed the 97's SPM results. a long awaited answer had somehow showed itself, which could had brought along tears of joy, screams and shouts. albeit, mine was as normal as it could had ever been.

if you people out there would  like to know how it really felt to be waiting for SPM results, here are the answers to your curiousity.
-a few days before the big day, you'll eventually become sleepless human, and most of you will change into nocturnal-habit-mammals
-your hands are likely to experience parkinson symptoms when someone remind you of the big day
-your emotions are quite mixed up and tears would sometimes solve your confusion feelings
-some of you could lose your appetite thinking of the upcoming results ( i didnt, though, cause starving is too mainstream)
-trust me, waiting for spm results are not going to be as relaxing as waiting for UPSR and PMR ones

whatever it is, be strong. have faith, man! you will always have Him, what more could you ask for? and the most important thing of all, always pray that you'll get what's best for you, and not what's best in everyone's eyes.

so, alhamdulillah, my dreams had finally came true. but not so true :) and because of the uncontained excitedness and a little bit of disappointment, being a camerawoman that day didn't went well as it usually is. despite all those, i praise Allah, for what is, what was and what will.


dak2 bahagia,
(alasan je, tapi suka selfie sebenarnya)

the not so grand result of ms alingggg

p/s: i'll just be my own school's best student- dreams finally came true, like sooooo true .teehee. ^^