Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hey guys..Assalamualaikum.. How you're doing?

So, after all these posts in my blog..
Here, I present you my first post with pictures..
Just for your information, I captured all of them with my handy cam (though I can't have  the latest camera but still the pictures turn out well)
I guess it will be lots of them..
and do anticipate my 'kiut' face at the end of this post.. hehe..


These pictures were captured in Pangkor..

this is some kind of 'batu bersurat'
at 'kota belanda' or dutch fort

I don't know what country does the money represent for..

at a sate factory and yeah even the smell is yummy..

the forever alone guy.. ^-^

what kind of formation you wanted to do kids?

having fun..

the natural beauty - MAMA
( you look amazing in this pic mom! )

 the forever sweet them so much!!

and then we went Kelantan for 4 days trip.. missing grandma so much..
here she is!
loving that smile..
and finally this is me lin who only knows how to smile all by herself...
as always the time are jealous of me.. so, I have to say goodbye now... bye2.. and assalamualaikum..
p/s: there's some technical problem I guess, and i'm sorry for that busybody picture..if only you can see the picture i'm talking about..
and i'm really hoping for something special tomorrow..


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Assalamualaikum and good afternoon, ebelyone!

Seems like it has been ages since I wrote the last post, isn't it?
I've been wondering about the topic I should write in my blog..
But, it's not like I have many things to write about..
Plus, I think my broken English might just ruin the mode that should occur in your hearts when you read my post..
Funny, isn't it? because the whole purpose of creating this blog and sharing my stories with you is to improve my English..
But, the fact is there's no one that can give comments about my English, whether it has improved or maybe even become slightly better than the last time..

Let me take you back to the title.. Questions..
Lately, there are some questions that have been haunting me every single days and nights..
Oh, perhaps, I was exaggerating..

The questions are :
1. were they scared of me or was I being too timid?
2. if they were scared of me, what is the main factor?
3. if I was being timid, shouldn't they at least act as if I was not a stranger?
4. how could they ignore me and pretend that I was invisible or something?
5. how could they, all of them, not even one who dared to have a chat with me or even saying hello when they can do that freely with others?
6. am I really a STRANGER to you? am I?