Saturday, November 14, 2015

From fold to unfold

Member seperjuangan. Fiddunya wal akhirah.
Subhanallah, how i really missed those times when i get to write and share almost every memorable things in my life here.

All praise to Allah, for giving me chance to actually satisfy my longing and passion for writing, though most of them do not really excite you, readers.

And , fyi with limited wifi access and  a quite pack schedule,  i am writing this post using my handphone. And since this is a 'comeback' post there'll be a number of words, mind me.

For He had always known what's best for us, i am deeply thankful and grateful for every little things that He'd planned. It was a very wonderful friendship i've been in for this four months in kmkulim. And wow, He never failed to surprise me, always.

There's a lot of events held here and being put in such a fate, i am loss for words of thanks to Him the Almighty. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.
But knowing the fact that a separation can never be put to a halt if it is meant to be, isn't it? Well, semester 1 is slowly coming to an end and we've just made , in shaa Allah, a blessed relationship called friendship.

Oh how great this feelings are, having someone i can learn from, someone i can play with, someone to tease, someone to bully,  someone to go through the hardship in aiming for the same star. Thank you, dear friends.
Majlis tautan kasih batch oddityx. #oddsis  #usmprettie 

keluarga oddA. <3

was in escape park penang!! Hooray for being a tarzan!!

once upon an innofest.
P/s: the final is in a week's time. Countdown is just unnecessary. But i am in need of your duas. Pray for us, oddityx, for He knows what's best for us.

Pp/s: missing mama abah and all.  Will be back home shortly.  Doakan; )