Monday, June 3, 2013

happy birthday, dad!!


abah, abah, abah..

first of all, i'm really sorry for not writing this post earlier..
I've been wanting to but things are not well arranged, my bad..
I am so so so so sorry..   :(

for all those times I left it unsaid..
thank you.
thanks for being there for me, loving me, caring me, supporting me with all your heart..
you are indeed the BEST dad in the world!!!

just to make it clear,
we will always love you, dad..
may Allah bless you, long live and smile always..

her words ):

No matter how close you think you are to your friends, no matter how strong you feel the bond is between your mates, in the end, you will only have you, your family and Allah by your side.  - dinot godik


one fine day..
I turned on the computer..
typing her blog's link..
reading her posts..
studying the pictures..
suddenly the words captured both my eyes and heart..
it was however successfully made me stunned..

dear dinie, I might not be your best of friends..
but, the friendship bond between us had never been out of my heart, my mind and my soul..
i'm not totally denying the truth of your words..
but I believe that this period of time must be some kind of test from Him..

I still remember the first time we'd exchange hellos..
the time when I received the 'bones' letter ( u might not understand this)
the time when we shared our tears and laughters..
the time when you ran to catch a sight of him..
those are beautiful memories I've kept for every single moment i'll face in the future..
I might not have you by my side but I always have you in my heart..

emotionally affected by your words, indeed..
trying hard to be better, I will..
retaining this wonderful friendship, I must, if God wills..

it is not impossible cause I believe it is..

till Allah permits us to meet..assalamualaikum..