Monday, February 5, 2018


Assalamualaikum peeps.

I'm currently listening to Adiwarna-Jihan Muse, a joyful song with soothing melody, and I actually knew about this song through 'Hi Mommy Jihan' series, which is probably one of my entertainers during 'stressful' study week. Both main casts Jihan & Ungku were very, very comical. And alhamdulillah, along with such humorous personality, this loving couple also emphasises the importance of following sunnah & other religious practices making the series a beneficial one- especially for newbie parents.

That really differs from what I planned to write, haha.

Now, let me do a 'brief' heart-to-heart (Idk if this is even applicable online :P). 
Tbh, I might be one of those friends who don't seem to care about you at all, but InsyaAllah I am the type who actually cares more about you though I am quite shy to portray it.
I don't like getting hurt by people's talk and even if one ever tries to attack me with words, I'll try my very best to be as calm as the summer sea just because I don't want other people to get hurt because of my words.
No, you don't have to feel guilty since you're not at fault.
I am being me, remember?

One quoted this saying and it seems to be always relatable? 
"We try to hide our feelings, but we forgot that our eyes speak."
Exceptionally relatable.

Next, let's move to another section in this post. Last weekend, I managed to conquer Hubli! (exaggerating). That ticks one more box in the checklist for #alinjaunts . 
The most memorable experience would be travelling on a train in India :))) You guys should try riding in one soon, okay? The 4-hour one-way journey was paid with only Rs140. 
Do eliminate all those assumptions about train ride in India, and you should do the judging only once you've been on one. Deal?

So, here's my photo album (limited pics, it's a one day trip only you got meh?) for #alininhubli18
not bad, kan? 

penat berjuang makan buffet

pandai photographer amik gambaq-self proclaim 

mcm dah nak terbang

indian style

bidadari turun dari langit

mek hok gi mall hubli semata2 nok beli ___

sblum memulakan misi

macam maharani dah ana tengok

sesi makan dah tamat,
eloknya jgn dibuat lagi makan buffet ni slalu,
sbb mmg akn terlebih2 makan

always camera ready except kakak manis hehe

Thursday, January 18, 2018


In the midst of pitch-black night, cold breeze whistling through, a girl wandered in her plain thought.

B: Can I take a break from studying?
G: But you still have a lot cover, dear.
B: But G, we did a lot of revision these 2 days, please?
G: Hmmmm,,
B: Pleaseee
G: Fine (rolling eyes), but you have to set your time limit, do we have a deal?
B: I'll try my best, G. Thank you for letting me be, ;)
G: Go settle your unfinished business and make to sure to be back on track ASAP
B: Mmuaaahhhh

The wind still blew, the pitch-black night is dark still. But the thing is, what am I crapping? Just for the sake of writing a post, that much of a discussion had to be done in this little head of mine. It involves components, to name a few - cerebrum, cerebellum, brainstem, spinal cord (#donerevision, haha) Sorry, I had to do the gibberish-talk here.

Since I am restricted to a time limit, let us do some quick throwback sessions. Do change the URL to sth else, if you do not wish to read the rest of this less-interesting post, okay? Even a minus point added, the throwback session is so random even I can't relate, Assalamualaikum

muka bila tgh rancang sesuatu yg x berapa nak baik ;D

maryam+bantal+muka nasib baik mmg comel

syerah, are you annoyed?
copek la ceghito apo mama abah cakap

reaction maryam billa kena amik gambar tapi mata masuk habuk

ati jual satay

dua2 comel la jugaaak

ini pon manyak comel ooo

model tak berbayar ktm senawang, ;)

sapa hantar rombongan meminang ni? OEMJI!

neelofa bagi kek kat ai uols, uols ada?

hani-handmade choc cake, sodap yakmat

afza handmade pizza also for my bday, tq jaaa

read : sana halia, alin!
me : mana halia?

tq jamu aiiii

ada org ss, sbb takut tgok pose ai,
i je ke tak kisah? haha

bhaiya yg tulis je paham

latih diri

ana rasa mcm baru grad.
dalam hati : inikah perasaannya?
ezzwan gemukkkkkkk

setiap gambar tinah adlh dlm keadaan dia tgh makan,,
gigih makan

rasa mcm dpt pizza dr kawan tempe, sbb wish dia gitu haha.
tq, rumettttt ( ai ada byk rumet)

kata dah random, tp nasib dedua comel

model berbekalkan cahaya matahari terang menyuluhi bumi

 fake laugh photos are always at its best

mana bee?

nmpk cam tenang je semua, tapi tgok ni!
i was pushed to the ground you know?
(+- unsur tokok tambah bagi menyedapkan cerita)

rinduuu Dr, mana afiqah?

puteri turun dari kayangan bawa botol susu

been on this, left my heart, experienced tachycardia, best tapi

awat blur? ini zaman sekolah lagi.
sekarang dah tua. even trip dgn kwan2 pun, i was called "mom",
takdelah sampai tahap nenek time tu.