Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Where have you been?

Guess what am I doing here? To be honest, there still is a pile of unsettled revision, unfinished work, undeciphered  lectures. Ughh, what a life.

Somehow, He taught me not to give up on Him even when I thought that it's impossible to be done. It is always hard to go against others, but it is always more difficult to go against ourselves. Reflect. There must be flaws along the journey. Reality hurts, so does pretence. Do not deviate. Do not fall. Keep putting on effort. Do not stop. He'll help you through, insyaAllah.

Assalamualaikum, readers. There's absolutely no outpour of ideas coming from my head these days. I do want to write, but, "Hey, idea! Where have you been?"


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Out of norms

6/11, 09:45 am

Sifatnya aku puji,
Kasihnya aku cari,
Perhatiannya aku ingini.

Selalu tersenyum penuh misteri,
Walau hati sering teruji,
selalu melebihkan dari diri sendiri,
untuk melindungi yang disayangi.

Kadang harungi liku berduri,
Kadang jatuh kerana tersakiti,
Kadang mengalh saat tempuhi,
Namun yakin pada Ilahi,
Pasti ada hikmah yang tersembunyi.

Kita bukan seorang diri,
Yang menyayangi jangan mandiri,
Yang kurang peduli tukar strategi,
Sumbanglah pada komuniti Islami.


Jatuh lagi?
Tidak mengapa, bangun!

Kau kuat, Dia ada.

7/11, 11:45 am

Siapa aku?
Manusia hina yang banyak dosa,
Manusia biasa cetek ilmunya,
Manusia keji kerana kata2nya,
Manusia banyak berlambak kurangnya.

Memang bukan sesiapa,
Bukan bidadari dari syurga,
Bukan juga terjaga amalnya.

Mungkin aku,
Juga jauh dari Dia,
Juga bergeluman dengan noda,
Ya,  aku hina.

Mungkin aku,
Melatah tak tentu hala,
Berfikir hanya setengah kilometer,
Sedangkan destinasi masih jauh gila.

Jadi, aku?
Berjalanlah sesudah bertatih,
Berlarilah sesudah berjalan,
Pecutlah andai bersedia,
Ambil kira semua,
Dia sentiasa ada.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Goa feat Girlfriends

Yay, I'm back. *a round of applause as bg music*

Assalamualaikum peeps. So, here's the thing, I should be doing my editing work instead of writing, but I just can't find the mood to do that. I guess my boss' head is burning inside out due to my delayed progress. For that, I'm sorry big boss, I'll try harder (I'll have it done by tonight #apromisetomyself).

A whole week of holiday had come to an end. A week's time isn't really long and to say that it was spent in vain, would probably be wrong. At the very beginning, I actually planned to explore Mumbai/Bombay, but as time goes by, I felt like I need some time to catch up with the syllabus, what with the crammed theories, I was surely in need of revision. Plus, there's really a countable lectures of which I didn't fall asleep in. So, it's my payback time, for my better future. Then, the idea was denied flatly after taking into account all consequences (mcm byk sgt consequencesnya).

Am still in a process of knowing and understanding myself when I realized, I can't stay in hostel for a week's time! I need to do sth about this! I just can't!
Here comes the middleman : Husna, Ema, Izyan & Hanisah. To cut a long story short, I went to Goa for the second time ,haha. Can't do anything about this since we weren't able to play watersports when we first stepped our feet in Goa. And here goes my Goa journey; Goa feat Girlfriends.

Woke up in time to prep for the trip. Everything went well except that we didn't get signed permission from he-who-must-not-be-named. To avoid getting scolded and whatnot, we used the Mess' back door and waited for our driver who promised to be there by 7 a.m. 15 minutes passed, 30 minutes passed and the clock struck 8. The owner's excuses include my best driver won't answer calls while driving, my best driver drives very carefully plus his Ramdev Restaurant is "50 minutes" away, how annoying was that. On top of that, our driver came smiling to his ears, maybe in hope that his mistake was going to be forgiven.

And the journey begins. At first, the annoyed us weren't really interested in engaging a conversation with Sakha. But, as clock ticks, we tried to be as friendly as we can. We were taken to Harvalem Waterfall to appreciate one of His best creations while filling up our stomachs. Then, we continued to travel though the tortuous road. No one was badly affected but Bee did act like she was having morning sickness, haha. I'm sorry, dear.

Two rooms were booked in Jacinta's by the beach guesthouse, and the condition were extremely clean, just like what the reviews mentioned. We had our lunch before heading to Baga beach. As per our plan, we should be enjoying watersports on Monday evening. To our surprise, the price was quite expensive in Baga beach, so we decided to take a look at Calangute/Candolim/Anjuna Beach. Nope, they are 3 different beaches okay.

Thus, with the unmistakably ticking clock, we spent our time together, splashing water to each other while watching the beautiful sunset (am still sad because I can't capture the view, blame Hanisah please).

Ended our first day in Goa with a great dinner in a Punjab Restaurant. The funny part is that, our driver was at the opposite side of the road when we came out for our car. He was wearing his eye-catching orange shorts just like before. Funnily enough, with those bright pants (obviously we can spot him in milliseconds) he actually tried waving his phone's torchlight to make his position even more obvious than it should have been. Haih, Sakha (#hgmmgpelik)

Woke up to the knock sounds on the door, performed Subh prayer, had our breakfast before waking up Sakha (he really love sleeping, susah nau nak bangun). We told him to drive us to a non-veg restaurant, he sighed and drove slowly along the road. Out of nowhere, to the thought of delicious puree, we mentioned that we'd also love to have a pure veg breakfast. Sakha was undoubtedly happy and sped up. He really is a loyal, religious guy. (mixed veg & non-veg food is considered haram tau; for them la)

Our next stop was Candolim beach and there we saw the high tides of water with no signs of opened water sports business. Then we made our way to Anjuna beach, which offered water sports at a range of Rs 2200++ for a package of parasailing, dolphin show, jetski ride, banana boat adventurous ride, bumper ride (this one was believed to be the main cause of backache, neck pain and wrist pain as we woke up to our first morning in hostel after the trip). We went there with a group of 6, making the dolphin show a much cheaper experience as we need to rent a whole boat for this. And it is quite advisable to go with pairs; 2,4,6. This is just to ensure that you're not going to be a lone rider.

Details for each activity can be obtained by contacting any of the girls on the trip. I can't bear writing this long post, and it feels like writing an essay, not a blog anymore. Albeit, an unexpected trip isn't always the best, only exceptionally more enjoyable and memorable. Thanks guys. I'm indebted.

Here's to more beautiful pictures, sceneries, reminiscence, shoppings, book-free-days.

J for ?
J = Joyah

spot the dolphins !

nelayan terdidik

husna mmg x jumpa dah blog ni ahahah

kuasa api


tumpang solat kat rumah auntie suraya, auntie mubina
& her daughter named khadijah
(keluarga imam masjid)

Am really hoping and praying to buy a camera real soon.