Tuesday, September 19, 2017


is not a mere word,
it requires an act,
with built-up courage,
so as continuous motivation

isn't just a comparative,
it comes with value,
not to mention the countless efforts,
be it thunder and storm,
(well, they don't last forever),
nothing brings us down

is an undeniably impossible,
yet exist to give us hope,
that nothing is superlatively hard,
when compared to The Strongest of all.

comfort zone

So, dear self, be strong, stronger and eventually strongest. What may come, comes. What may happen, happens. He'll help you through, have faith <3

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Impromptu jokes

Hi there.

Let me first describe the situation. Alhamdulillah, we had fish festival for today and the menu was siakap bakar. You can't question the taste because obviously it was beyond your average delicious, hehe. So, here it is

I : Ikan ni sedap sangat la, mungkin secara tak sedar dah termakan ngn aluminium foil sekali kot. Ada apa2 effect tak?
A: Jadi iron man kot :P

A: Makanan yang dibakar dalam aluminium foil ni boleh jadi penyebab kanser tau
F: Habis tu takyah pakai foil ke?
A: Makan ikan bakar+karbon  pun boleh jadi penyebab kanser.
F: Gawat la kalau macamtu. Then, how?
A: Jemur je lah ikan tu :P

A pun beredar, tapi kisah ni tak berakhir setakat itu sahaja.

I; Kalau jemur ikan, kucing curi apa jadi pulak?
F&L&I : *gelak terbahak*

Friday, August 18, 2017

My magnificent rainbow

Assalamualaikum guys. Been hibernating (thought I was a polar bear, and woke up every morning realising I'm not). Nothing splendid happens. Well, apart from Yana's wedding, everything else were as normal as they have always been.

There's really a countable amount of good things I did, to name a few- completed Breathe written by Dr Beni  (a good read indeed), spending one whole week in KK (I love spending time alone with Mama cause I feel like I'm the only child, which was weird, but I was happy ha ha), sewed an unsatisfying pillow neck (this is due to the bad pattern, and it's obviously not my sewing skill that should be questioned #sispandaijahitokay)  and currently rereading Harry Potter series (dunno why I feel like it, but JK Rowling's talent is undeniably superb, oh I wish I had yours)

But as a contrast of the above paragraph, most of my days consist of wasting time, sleeping, wasting time again, hibernating. It's a shame, I know. Best to conclude that I am not strict with my attitude, resulting in regrets later and I thought maybe, it's my weakened spiritual connection with Him. The fact that when afterlife is nearing, it is hard to keep the iman level high. Pray for my strengthen innerself.

Oh and to future Fadzlin, be reminded that you should always be grateful for what you have, do not lose to your nafs, treat others like you want yourself to be treated, appreciate every seconds of your life, be wise, be mature, have strong faith in Him, be good - be a rainbow. Likewise, I wish you guys the same.

And here's to my magnificent rainbow :)

she really is annoying when we ask her to pose these days

mamatok n yam

yam's photography skill

umar mata bulat, comel yakmat

tapi umar tumbang ahha

we're less is numbers these days(in gatherings),
nvm, my pray goes for our reunion in his jannah

i made this myself ,

kak long nak pursue phd pula, all the best

twas, i seem awkward here

i love u both <3

susah nak pose cecantik sbelah mama,

i love this

umar gembira, ummi bahagia

geng layan yam

adik mithali, adik berjaya

abah n mama's new hobby

banyak sedap oooo,  struggled myself eating raw durian,
cause i can't resist the temptation,
though the fact that i have mild allergies ( gatal2) eating it

dari kiri : duktur berjaya, bakal duktur awak

when i was once the youngest haha
(been eager to write this caption)

sapotlah nelayan tempatan

travelled by bus,
the panas best described with : lit-lit

big, squishy banana,
posed by our world renowned model

saya tahu saya comel

lompat tikam = jump and stab
pak ah seramnya nama kuih

I hoped that I can wave  goodbye now, but I'm sorry guys, we have some more coming. Oh,and for those who aren't interested, I welcome you to leave the page. It's not like anyone's going to be hurt by that. Duh

And like I said before, be grateful for what you have. Though I haven't had the chance to travel the world, I guess he gives me what I need most, not what I want. During my stay in Kelantan, I visited Yana in GM. Hmm. She's busy- always. And seeing her go through those oncalls, flexis didn't really put me down. I still hold my hopes high for what I seek is not leisure but the satisfaction for having the capability to do the best that I could do.

One more thing, do not ever judge things from only one perspective. Think wide.

ceq cemburu la yam dapat macam2 haha
xpe ciklin selalu je dapat main mainan yam eheh

happy umar faruq

she's got big love for water and pools.
And it's hard pulling her out
Caution: Maryam's excuses are wayyy to many when she denies sth
(good thinking, girl)

Maryam : Maksuuu ( in an annoyed tone, smpai herot mulut kau haha)

pose name : squishy


happy me

otak kamu

Alhamdulillah, at long last, this post ends here. It isn't that long pun, right? Wising you guys a very blessed and blissful life and may the odds be judged (favoured please), ehek.

And of course, you ought to know by now ( I'm not finished yet, really.when should I stop?) that my love for Sony MarkII camera is huge enough that I would want to have one but saving up would be my priority. It costs almost RM3k guys. And I don't earn myself a steady income to buy that. Well, of course I have scholarship, but that is not to be used like if I have salaries , right?
Truth be told, I need to buy my stet first. Could be my source of motivation , ey? Still have a veryyyyy long way to go, Alin. Chin up :D

My magnificent rainbow in 2017.