Thursday, June 21, 2018


Crapping mode is turned on.

Assalamualaikum guys. Intentionally, I feel like writing a new post because there are some issues lingering inside my head. So, undoubtedly, this post is another 'curhat'-ing post.

I love how our friendship was, when everything seems to be a perfect lock-and-key hypothesis, and everyone seems to be happy (I emphasised on the word seems to). I don't say that I couldn't tolerate or accept how people around me socialise (and I'm not even here to discuss about social issues between boys & girls), because practically I'm here to 'curhat' about my girl friends.

How do I put this into words? 
Let me start this with a question? What is our core intention of wanting to befriend with others?
If we are befriended with not-even-one intention at all,it's okay? Because by now you should've realised that every relationship should have a strong core. And insyaAllah above all other intentions, one of mine would be because of Him.

Thus, with that intention, anything that could have happen within our period of knowing and learning about each other, should be settled with that intention. And I supposed that even the smallest thing that we do is so that we get that 'mardhatillah'. And my stand is that, as long as we don't go beyond what Syari'e stated, Alhamdulillah we're on the right track. But say if I do sth wrong (well, I might do this everyday), I beg for your wise words and love and care to actually advice me earnestly, because I might be the reason you're not in the place you're supposed to be in Hereafter, (TT)

And I'd like to share my thoughts about this as well, as on how we shouldn't treat people outside our inner circle with such a manner that he/she could be feeling left out. I mean, of course we all have that one small inner circle of friends to whom we turn to esp when there's happy/sad things to be talked about. But living in a society also means that you should include everyone in your thoughts or at least you should realise that there are other people around you besides you inner circle.

I tried to be more understanding but to an extent that I get annoyed due to the feeling of inexistence or unneeded, (or maybe this is just what I feel, and I shouldn't have said it out loud here). If my opinion is one of those you listen to, then, in my opinion, we should all live and act together as a family. Plus, I do regard you guys as a part of my family. Do not just keep the important,limited information, knowledge to yourselves and your inner circle because it hurts. It hurts.

But I do think that this might be a part of maturation process. We're growing! It's growth! If this is the answer to my doubts, then how I really wish to 'gostan' times to where we could all share things together like we used to ;(

Hey you! Yes, you! I hope that this post didn't manage to ruin any of your beautiful days ;) (I'm sorry to have you reading until this very word) Have a wonderful days ahead!

i miss US

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Assalamualaikum readers

Tbh, I've been clicking on the 'new post' tab quite a few times, but due to lack of ideas, and the discontinuity of my writings, things do get off track.
As for Semester 4 exam, it ended 'well', a few weeks ago. When all of us came almost fully prepared, most of the questions aren't even from the textbooks we read haha. I guess that's how challenging medicine as a profession could be. I could say that the most prominent memory from OSCE stations is the biostatistic question, with the sudden sightings of laptops, it really was a rare sight indeed. All in all, Professional Exam 1 is just 20 days away, so here's to the spirit of studying!

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed with the month of Ramadhan, a madrasah that reminds & teaches us to always be prepared as if tomorrow is our last day on Earth. I pray that this madrasah we've been in had successfully trained us to be a better Muslim insyaAllah, especially to face another 11 months of life after this. And may Ramadhan 1439 Hijr wasn't our last one, amiin.

Alhamdulillah too for the opportunity to #berayadiperantauan. It truly is an experience. Though I could say that the first day of Syawal was quite boring due to unavailability of houses to be visited and we ended up capturing pictures all day long. Not to mention, how we'd expect to be celebrating Eid on 15/6 but we were proved to be wrong, sadly. So, we had our 1st Syawal a day later than in Malaysia like always.

Initially, I intended to post a few pictures on Instagram but it didn't turn out well when we wanted to post multiple pictures of different sizes, so here I am! Happy album-ing Alin ;) !

And Eid Mubarak everyone! تقبل الله منا ومنكم (quite a number of exclamation marks , ey?)

Oh, I almost forgot to mention about apfm hehe. Anak perantau fm was an online-accessed radio handled by DJ mhsin & DJ ezzwann. Made my daylah you guys :D

1 Syawal 1439H

macam lepas majlis berinai,
hakikatnya ni malam 30 ramadhan

antara mereka yg sudi beraya di sini, ;)

ya, simpan lagi makanan dlm mulut rakan2 heheh

sesi mohon ampun minta maaf banyak doso

apa yg buat abg react camtu skali?

macam keretapi daaa

geng anak2 solehah

geng apo ni
kenyataan yg agak pahit, tapi menggembirakan
eh gambar ngn jiran

sinarilah aku

ni baru cool, 

cantik pula bendera berkibar time ni

model saree kurung saya jual


tetiba wawa tinggi terlebih,
tapi apapun cantik an bilik kitorang?

cuba nak kalahkan gambar faiz
(sila rujuk gambar somewhere kat bawah)


gambar candid lagi cooll

model ni mmg sntiasa ada dlm kamera saya

awww, ciklin jatuh cinta tengok awak dua uhuk

team hilmi raya kat miri 

ni je family kecik yg raya sesama kat kk (kubang kerian)
dari kiri : abah, mama, ati, syerah, yana, faaizudin

geng comel je sntiasa haih,
baju raya umar hilang (mengamuk sbb kepanasan)

kakak yam berlari2, kenapa comel sangat?

untuk ciklin ke? tq awek manis

abah & cucu2 (yana bukan cucu lah)

team raya perantauan juga n suka makan

ni lah gambar faiz yg ana cuba nak kalahkan,
tp opkos i kalah, background dia  lawa kot

eh eh senget pulak
(boleh nmpk smpai mana je signal suruh senget tu smpai haha)

teman seperjuangan :)
- yg lain balik rumah

meanwhile kat kelate, oghe duk make2
 2 Syawal 1439H

The story shouldn't end just yet. On second day of Syawal we had multiple open room aka open house to attend. Alhamdulillah for the good food & hospitality (ramai dah boleh kahwin, kalau syarat nak kahwin tu pandai masak)(kalau syarat nak kahwin tu solehah, keibuan, pandai berdikari pun insyaAllah, ramai pass). We had rendang, ketupat, lemang instant, daging dendeng dyra, kek coklat fay, semperit sabariah & many more. A happy tummy is a happy me ;)

To spice up the storyline, we also went to Uncle Ghawar's house & had a nice chat with his wife though I had to agree that India's sweets are mostly 'tak-lalu-dek-tekak'. Felt at home for a few minutes before snapping back to reality.

ini first open house

padat sikit la almost macam sardin

tetamu + tuan rumah (iols pon tuan rumah ok)
second open house ft sue

tuan rumah ni power2 belaka,sume mknn sedap !

we stayed for another picture 

orang kampung den

manisan rumah uncle ghawar?

mmg kena sentiasa ft sue ke?

3rd openhouse (byk tuan rumah ni)

syifa comel main bunga api

merah makngah

sesi photoshoot majlis kahwin suhailah zayadi hahaahhaah
slpas habis photoshot sue kat tgkat 3

uit lambatnya gambar ni lol,
ni hidangan kami sbgai tuan rumah

bila main bunga api pon nak bercakap macam ni lah

meanwhile again kat kampung, depa makan2

ni gambar style abang

sempat la jugak call masa hari raya hehe

ft mama manis

3 Syawal 1439H
On 3rd day of Syawal, with intention of making full use of the holiday & relieving stress & many-more-irrelevant-excuses, we departed to Pune, a big city somewhere in India. It was a 5-hour journey from Belgaum. So, Pune too is now checked off the list #alinjaunts . Thanks to the #buddiestakkanterpisah who made it possible to eat pizzas, doughnuts & sushis!!
cantik en windmill tu

toll india

it has become too common

berkongsi jalan dgn biri2 walaupun kat bandar haha

sibuk bincang nak mkn apa

sbb background dia lawa


ft shades mahai

ana nampak spt gergasi di sblh husna kenapa ya

sushi sodap

dahla presentation pun power

ini buat histamine ana kuar pulak haha

tq geng

Those who read from the first time this post was uploaded can actually see that this much of editing are done esp when I said that I wasn't really ready to write a post. Anyhow, since this is a website where I'll be recollecting sweet memories, I'll do whatever I want okay?

The ter-leftout things include these videos, feel free to click on the videos and enjoy!
1. Takbir Raya di Mess
2. Merempit di malam raya
3. Salam perantauan drpd Oddityx
4. Mannequin challenge di pagi raya
5. Salam perantauan anak2 manis