Thursday, March 9, 2017

Primordial human nature


Sigh. I just wished that we could be as normal and cheerful as we were. But maybe, just maybe, only time can answers that.

What a habit eh? Right after giving salam, I actually sighed. Hmm. I have some lacking there. But hey, we're humans right? We tend to do mistakes even since our first cry. And that's the exact reason why we have to repent at every single chance we have.

Since I do at some extent believe that this is my so-called private diary, I tend to write it here as an expression of my days, weeks, months and years. And yup, it is a primordial human nature to make mistakes, and learn from them, because if we don't commit mistakes, we won't know what's good and what's not, we won't know how to act like what He wants us to, we won't know the best way to socialize without going against our religion, we won't know how to at the very least appreciate what we have.

I think it's due to the hormonal imbalance and crazy 4 weeks of CVS. I'm sorry for bringing up such a cliche issue. And I'm sorry that you actually read the post up till now.

May He grant us what's best for us and may He remind us that He always knew the best.

i miss home very very very badly