Friday, October 11, 2013


hye everybody..hehe..

long gap between this post n previous one, isn't it? there's not much time i could use to do blogging..but, something in this blogging world had attracted me back to, here i am, sharing my personal life with maybe some editing included..well, you'll never know.. :)

life had not been much easier than before..fortunately, both my mental and physical are trying their best to adapt with the new friendship bonded,new experience gained and new challenges came..till this very moment, it is Allah's love and care for me that helped me being a human, a tough one..for your support and blessings, thank you mom, thank you dad..
there's a large number of events that has happened..merdeka raya celeb, eidulfitri celeb n the upcoming makan beradab for the last 4 months birthday first, my plan is to compile the pics and post them here,but 'things' happened..if He wills, then they will be shared with you, okay?

my final words for this post is >>>>>

before ending my sharing session, someone had introduced me to the webcamtoy!!the effects are amazing!!go try'll never regret 

p/s: i do video calls with my sis in Egypt, and i love it <3