Friday, January 25, 2013

A definite answer..

Alhamdulillah, all praises to Allah for giving me the opportunity to decide for the best..

This decision also means that the parting is really going to soon without the slightest so happens that all four of us would go through our own path for a better future..

I can't say much here because all the feelings inside me will not be able to be described with just words..they are just so complex that sometimes confused my mind quite 'severely'..

I can only hope and pray for the unfolded story of the future with belief that He will always be there...whenever, wherever you are..

Love all of you! Salam..

Thursday, January 24, 2013


This dilemma had brought me into another world..a dark one..a black- pitched darkness that never once showed the stunning light...

I'll never know when this is likely to stop.yes, i admit it had somehow change me into  a 'mat jenin' guy..always day dreaming, lost in thoughts and cries over something even when i'm not sure what is the real reason i did that..still, i can't decide what's the best for me when the deadline is approaching and unknowingly hurting the inside of me..

I wanted to stay but at the same time i would like to experience the other part of the world..


Saturday, January 12, 2013

happy bornday, yana!!

asslamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

before i begin this special ceremony let me present you a very common  thing you'll get on your birthday!

CAUTION : this cake is just for decoration. do not eat.

isn't it gorgeous? yeah, i bet you'll say a very long 'WOOOOOOOOOW'!
didn't you? huh, i caught you red-handed..haha..

first of all, i'm not a good writer neither a good speaker..but, i really think i'm better in writing than speaking, so i decided to just express my thoughts about you on this wonderful day in this post..there's no doubt that i will do better when expressing love or anything else through writing..especially, in my own blog..sorry for crapping..

therefore, as a reminder, please accept all first draft slip and spelling errors cause there might be some...and i'll get something for your birthday..insya-Allah..just wait and see..

now, let us start the 12th day of January ceremony..(and the music start)

~ please click the play button, will you?

                                                          (credit goes to the owner of the video)

applause!! thank you! thank you!

as the organiser of this ceremony and being a wonderful sister indeed,  let me introduce you to our birthday girl!! liyana!!

i must admit that she's beautiful in her own way..she got the mesmerizing smile, gorgeous eyes and her sweet words that will melt your heart the moment she started to speak..

it is a blessing to have you as my sister and going through this complicated life had not been much easier without you by my side..i'm so thankful that i not only have a magnificent sister, but an amazing friend who stands by me and supports me by giving every piece of her heart..okay, that is a little bit of exaggeration..

thank you for you continuous love, care and prayers so that i can live a better life and insya-Allah achieve the best in hereafter..thank you for helping me overcome the hurdles through these years..

i wish you the best in life. someone like you can easily climb the ladder of success. i will support you in every way i can. and i wish you to have everything money can't buy, and money to buy everything else..