Friday, December 23, 2011

there is virtue in what is happening...

bismillahirrahmanirrahim..may what we did today had been accepted by The All Mighty...

this post's title seems to be related to what had happened in the diary of my life today..
of course i'm not going to tell you what really happened..but you can assumed it as quite a big problem..and because of the incident, i think we will not be able to go to kelantan... :(

well, as human we can only plan, but He will decide everything..every single thing that happened in our life have been fated..and as a muslim we must believe one know what will happen tomorrow or the day after...even if there is someone who can, it must be the fortune-telling, speculation or prediction..

the best of all, we should be grateful for His blessings and accept the misfortune events as a sign of His love for fact, He is the Most Caring..and i bet you know it too..

i think that's all for today..i've got nothing else to talk about.. may Allah bless you always..wo ai ni!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

start your day with a gorgeous smile!!                           
may He bless you always....

hi there!!!!it's me..the blog owner!!
hehehe...well, today i've got some idea to write..

firstly,guess what??!!!my bro, he finally made it to nz!!!CONGRATZ bro!!!!you made me fell jealous of you...i really really envy you..and i'll make sure that i'll be better than you...insya-Allah..

secondly, it's time for me to go for a 'vacation' can assume it like that..but actually, it's not really a vacation..i'm just going back to my hometown!!kelantan, here i come!!!

thirdly, starting from today onwards, i'll try my best to use proper language with full spelling..i hope that you can help me to do reprimanded me if i use the same style as before...i'm just trying to use the proper language cause i do not want to make mistakes in exam..especially mistakes on spelling..i would like to avoid that kind of error...

lastly, i would like to share some advice with you readers..DO NOT ever hurt your parents', teachers', siblings' or one's cherish their day with your help and maybe some massage or fact, their blessings and love for you are countless..and most importantly, their guide for you, insya-Allah will bring you to, you should show your appreciation towards them through many ways..

ok that's all for you!!!saranghae!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

special day special post!!

hi and assalamualaikum there!!!

i bet u must be wondering how special is the day today..don't you???well, if u're the blogger of a blog, the special day 4 u must be your birthday!! n the same goes to me..(if u ever think like me)..

so, here born a 14-years old my opinion i'm not that old..i think i'm quite young compared to my classmates who are months older than me..n that is one of the 'keistimewaan' celebrating your birthday in december...

actually, i'm really hoping 4 a birthday party..since there is none of them, do sing along wid me..sing what??of coz the birthday song, dude!!

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to Alin,
happy birthday to you...

i should have sing happy birthday to me..but as you know i asked you before to sing along wid it is the appropriate song..hehe..

as this is is a special post, i would like to thank these special person..

to mom n dad : thank you for being my beloved n precious parents!! as your child, i would like to apologise n   thank u two for your patience,love,courage n everything you gave to me..they are countless..n even for the rest of my life, i can't repay your kindness..therefore i prayed that u two will be blessed n insya-Allah will be in His heaven in afterlife..

to my siblings : thank you for being the most naughty,funny n loving siblings..the precious moments i spent wid all of you are the most appreciated..thank you again..

to my friends : you are the best presents gifted to me....your presence in my life, brings such happiness n prosperity...thank you for your willingness to befriend wid me..

to my blog readers : you're not exceptional..having you reading my boring posts are really appreciated..thank you for your comments n time you've spent to read my posts..may god bless u..

for someone out there that does not belong in the categories not be're the one that will be bless always... :)

last but not least, it's the time for me to, bye for now!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

tentang dhia..

assalamualaikum readers!!!

the title seems familiar for those who follow the 'akasia' slot TV3...its the latest drama series for this slot..dinie n ainatul..finally you got me watching this series...

this drama starts with an annoying, long n boring song..yeah, im sure u'll agree wid my opinion..or maybe i'm just the only one who think like that..heheh...

actually, i don't know what to talk bout this drama starring Nora Danish, Adi Putra n Tasha's a drama about triangle love conflict between the actor n actress starring..this drama is full of conflicts, n of course there must be a bad character followed by the good ones which will always be the victim..

did i wrote like a promoter or sth??hehe..just ignored it...

finally, dhia had to accept zikir as her husband..n azmi let her go..the story had just started wid melly whose hiding herself from the drugs dealers...n her mom being attacked by them..wait2!! why should i tell u this..u should just watch it on's the best...go watch them..u'll like it..

by n by, the time passes so fast but as usual i can't write even faster from the first post i that's all 4 today..see u guys later!! got to ya..