Sunday, September 25, 2016

Hey, it's India!

Assalamualaikum readers!!!

It sounds like I'm excited, but actually I am just too excited to be able to write this guys, So, do appreciate this entry, will you?

To be honest, my life as a medical student isn't as hectic as it should be. Maybe because the fact is I just entered medical school, and there's not much to catch up. And most likely because it started just two weeks ago, which was not that long.

The thing here is, in India you only have Sundays as your weekend, regardless being primary school students, government workers or the "moshis". You only have ONE OFF DAY. But, do not think negatively. The best part of it is you get quite an ample time between classes which is much needed by me, myself.

Of course, it isn't my first time being away from home and beloved family like I am right now. Likewise, it is not my first time living independently as a student. However, I can't deny the fact that I really miss them no matter where they are. And I prayed to Him to guard and protect them, as He always did. And may He grant us beautiful things, in and out.


Now, let me get you back to our topic. Hey, it's India! The bold word is the name of city I'm currently living in. It's a beautiful city with such green sceneries, wonderful 'Texas', colourful Maruti Ghalli, and of course many more places that are yet to be explored.

And of course, I'll share some of the pictures here, so you get a better picture of Belgaum and my campus. It really is beautiful and I am not making up a fairytale here okay. I present you :-


banyakkk happy


raya kami

kain saree murah guys, hahahaha

Above all, thank you for visiting this so uninteresting blog. Do pray for me here. And may the winter that is yet to come would be nice to me. It's almost quite unbearable to be in this monsoon season, so yeah. Doakan ana tau ;D

Sorry it's not much, and don't worry, I'm doing well here. :))))))))

Assalamualaikum wbt.