Thursday, June 30, 2016


At times, the forgetful me would neglect the fact that a blissful relationship or a happy family shouldnt be portrayed and publicized through social medias. Oh how ignorant i am.

How can I totally forget that those who cherished their happy moments with only their loved ones could live a happier life than others? My, my. But Alhamdulillah He actually moved me through this trip.
Thank you Allah for reminding me; )

I also learnt that, a quiet person  can lead you to even more surprises than the ones who can't stop talking . ( this thought just crossed my mind, but if you love surprises , you should consider ones with less words, and I mean it) And this applies to one of my big bros cause i dont own little bros kay.

To actually make it more understandable, do read this post until the very last word . Okay?

So, here's the thing. It's actually quite mysterious because though we don't directly tell him about what we want, but it's like our whole secret conversations are being heard upon and granted.

1. He brought us to asma cake house though no one told him to
2. He bought me satay which I really craved since the first day I'm here
3. He tried his best to grant all those silent wishes

Though these are just one of those little things,, but the sensitive me am really touched. And i really look upon to another visit to your house :) Please accept me as your guest ,,

And oh, Kak Ziela is really the best, jjang! She was super efficient in cooking, babysitting and being such a better half of him. I really wish you guys a blissful and happy marriage and may He reward us with Jannah , inshaa Allah.
diorang ni comel lahh , :)

Well, I am not denying about being overly wrapped in emotions right now, but this is just how I express my feelings and gratitude. Whatever it is, enough of that.

So, as you can see in the picture above, we the SHIRAZs warmly and excitedly welcoming our new family member ( he's 4 months old now- I knew I'm late ) >>>


( you've got a number of letters in your name, eit? so good luck in writing your own name in the future, heh?)
aryan zulqarnain nama diberi,
pipinya pau badannya montok,
walaupun tahun ni awak raya kat miri,
jangan lupa cik lin, atuk, mamatok

makcik2 terchenta

Even if I tried to never bother myself about 'leaving Malaysia for good', visiting Aryan was actually a preparation to face that one day.Oh, may He gives us what's best, ameen
There is a reason why there are things that should not be questioned or being thought of because we humans have only limited thinking capacity, and most of the times, only He knows that it is what it is. So, a reminder for myself, stop asking and enjoy every moments you're in, believe in Him, and let it be.

Ramadhan Kareem, readers. Assalamualaikum

p/s :sedang kami berjalan di bazaar ramadhan, tiba-tiba, 

    " banyak tahi lalat" kata seorang peniaga kpd kakak. "Betul, betul, betul " kataku bersetuju tanpa           selindung lagi. teehee
         (only in sarawak) 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A meaningful Ramadhan

In the name of Him The Almighty, I hereby begin my ramblings. And may the messages be received by the end of this post.

There it goes again. When the owner of the blog finally grasped her very own idea on what to write about here. Of course for some people out there, their ideas are somehow flowing smoothly anytime they wished to write or even if they don't have any intention to make something out of it.

Albeit for me, I do not have such hidden talent, so mind me.

And all praise to Him, we are very blessed  to be in the month of Ramadhan- a month full of barakah and His mercy upon us.

As referred to in Al-Quran, He says :

Image result for surah al baqarah verse 183
O believers! Fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may learn self-restraint.

Source : internet
Thus, as we may refer, fasting in the month of Ramadhan , a full month out of those 12 months throughout the year, which is obligated to all Muslims  is actually a grand offer from Him. It is an obligation that teaches us to appreciate our life which might be better than some of us and to be in the shoes of people whom have to undergo the state of starving day by day.
Ramadhan also comes together with a full package of larger rewards ( even what we always do in normal days shall be rewarded much more than usual), a Taraweeh prayer ( where we can meet and greet other Muslims), sahur ( which is an important component that makes us differ from non-Muslims fasting) and of course the breaking fast sessions (which unites us as we gather as a family or a society unlike any other months)

And this is why Ramadhan is a very special month for us. It is a proof of love from Him as He is The Most Merciful and The Most Gracious. May this month becomes a push factor for us to become a better daughter, mother, father, sister,brother and above all, a better Muslim.
Till then, Assalamualaikum :D