Sunday, December 16, 2012


Hey guys..Assalamualaikum.. How you're doing?

So, after all these posts in my blog..
Here, I present you my first post with pictures..
Just for your information, I captured all of them with my handy cam (though I can't have  the latest camera but still the pictures turn out well)
I guess it will be lots of them..
and do anticipate my 'kiut' face at the end of this post.. hehe..


These pictures were captured in Pangkor..

this is some kind of 'batu bersurat'
at 'kota belanda' or dutch fort

I don't know what country does the money represent for..

at a sate factory and yeah even the smell is yummy..

the forever alone guy.. ^-^

what kind of formation you wanted to do kids?

having fun..

the natural beauty - MAMA
( you look amazing in this pic mom! )

 the forever sweet them so much!!

and then we went Kelantan for 4 days trip.. missing grandma so much..
here she is!
loving that smile..
and finally this is me lin who only knows how to smile all by herself...
as always the time are jealous of me.. so, I have to say goodbye now... bye2.. and assalamualaikum..
p/s: there's some technical problem I guess, and i'm sorry for that busybody picture..if only you can see the picture i'm talking about..
and i'm really hoping for something special tomorrow..


Thursday, December 13, 2012


Assalamualaikum and good afternoon, ebelyone!

Seems like it has been ages since I wrote the last post, isn't it?
I've been wondering about the topic I should write in my blog..
But, it's not like I have many things to write about..
Plus, I think my broken English might just ruin the mode that should occur in your hearts when you read my post..
Funny, isn't it? because the whole purpose of creating this blog and sharing my stories with you is to improve my English..
But, the fact is there's no one that can give comments about my English, whether it has improved or maybe even become slightly better than the last time..

Let me take you back to the title.. Questions..
Lately, there are some questions that have been haunting me every single days and nights..
Oh, perhaps, I was exaggerating..

The questions are :
1. were they scared of me or was I being too timid?
2. if they were scared of me, what is the main factor?
3. if I was being timid, shouldn't they at least act as if I was not a stranger?
4. how could they ignore me and pretend that I was invisible or something?
5. how could they, all of them, not even one who dared to have a chat with me or even saying hello when they can do that freely with others?
6. am I really a STRANGER to you? am I?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

parting isn't always easy..

WARNING : this post contains mainly about me and my emotional for those who are having a hard time, just ignore this post cause it might worsen your day, I thought? btw, the choice is still in your hands.. so please, I beg of you, make a wise one..

Assalamualaikum my dearest readers!!

so, how's life? did it turn out the way you plan or did it happen to be better than your expectations? these questions require some subjective answers which vary for each person.. and if you feel like it, even at the very least to answer this question do leave your comments here.. they will be gladly accepted and are having probability to be replied of a 100%..yeah, I bet so.. (if, by any chance, you have ever wanted me to reply them)

I don't know why, but I just come to think of it..
to be exact before I slept, or actually it occurred after I've finished my 'Asr prayer, I realized that there is only 2 days left before the parting.. sob, sob.. I can't let it out of my empty mind and I can't really imagine how it will be to leave the teachers, my loving friends and the school itself.. I've left much of innocent memories there and now, I just have to leave it like that? how I wish I could use the 'time turner' and enjoy my time in school back then.. wishing for something impossible is not really worth it, right?

after being through all these wonderful years, now is the time for the painful part.. for the matter of fact, I really can't imagine the future.. cause it hurts and I feel like crying every single seconds when I think of it.. but then, sooner or later, I will have to face the reality and do what it takes to move on.. it sounds kind of hard and maybe it definitely will? oh, I really don't want to know or care about it..

that's downright true!!
dinie, ainatul, aina.. for all your love, assistance, kindness, foolish acts and cuteness (?) I want to thank you a million times, a trillion times or so (really, have you ever count how many times you thank someone ? cause I didn't and I will not to forever)..anyway, you have taught me about life, how there will be times when you're happy, sad, grateful, regret or even being secretive.. and not just that you have helped me going through it but also being there whenever or wherever I need you.. maybe you lack sometimes, so as me myself, cause we're humans not gods.. and we're not perfect.. I know you knew that but I still want to write it out.. :)

if we're destined together, then insya-Allah we're going to be schoolmates (again!) or even roommates.. but it's kind of funny to think about it, though.. and this feeling of mine is hoping for us to stay close and stick together for the best is yet to come.. on the other hand, the feeling of us getting together is impossible keeps recurring in my head as time goes by.. and to be honest, i'm kind of scared...

surprisingly, this post still hasn't reach the end of it..

for my classmates from form 1 to form 3, I would like to dedicate you my special thanks for letting me ride the best ship on earth, FRIENDSHIP..i will always recall these reminiscence in the future.. and for those who still don't know that i'm forgetful, well, unfortunately but undoubtedly I am.. so, if we're going to see or meet or something similar to those, please greet me first and don't ever let it cross to your mind that I am arrogant.. cause I've never been and will not be (insya-Allah)

for my great teachers, thank you for teaching me to be a person.. a good one.. I really appreciate your love, trust, commitment, dedication, scolds and laughters.. thank you for being there when I need you.. thank you for your continuous scolding that helped me to be better..( and trust me teachers, i'm not being sarcastic here, it's just that I know you did that because you love me, that you want the best for me ) and I thank you for that.. i'll be missing you and praying that you'll live a good life together with your beloved family.. may Allah bless you!!

for those who love me (if only you manage to find this blog and read this post) thank you for acknowledging my existence.. and I really appreciate it.. really, because i'm always being left out.. so, thank you.. hoping that you'll be happy and succeed in this life and hereafter..

for computerize commentators, thank you for your busy-bodyness in my blog.. though, I didn't really like your existence, your owner must be very desperate to make some ads and sell something.. well, it's their effort to succeed and why would I be mad at those brilliant people.. being able to make ads and asking indirectly towards internet users to read them is just as awesome as it could ever be!

and so 1 hour had just passed.. I took a long time to create this crap.. wonder how long will it takes for me to write something good.. need to improve my writing skill..

got to sleep now.. just for your information, it is currently 12.54 a.m now.. and so goodbye!

let's face it, REALITY!

Monday, November 5, 2012

words i want to say to you

English Translation:

[Jong Kook]
There are still a lot of words left that I want to tell you
But I can’t seem to say anything at all
Without you I can’t live even one day
Even if I die I can’t send you away
I pledge this thousands of times
In frnt of those tears that fell with no sound
In front of your tired shoulders
Suddenly no words came out of me
Our love has become tedious now
We’re standing and praying at the intersection of separation
Wanting to walk out quickly from this staggering maze
We’ve been on this time of weariness for too long
that now we’re at an ending point
I want to see your laughing face
More than anything that will be the biggest gift for me
I want to hold tight your small hands
Walking together as the sun sets
[Jong Kook]
There are still a lot of words left that I want to tell you
But I can’t seem to say anything at all
Now the only word that remains is the words “I Love You”
I can’t even cry and instead just stand in front of you
I’m sorry that I’m saying “sorry” instead of “I love you”
I’m getting mad rather than grabbing on and holding on to you
When you turn your back coldly now I can send you off
Sometimes I also get mad
Until now I look blankly at the times we were in love
One by one starting to know one another shyly those happy times
Now can we really not turn back?
Do we really want something different, you and I?
Could it be there’s no way to come back?
Right now pleae trust your heart to me
[Jong Kook]
There are still a lot of words left that I want to tell you
But I can’t seem to say anything at all
Now the only word that remains is the words “I Love You”
I can’t even cry and instead just stand in front of you
I still see you in front of me
You still dazzle me oh
There are still a lot of words left that I want to tell you
But I can’t seem to say anything at all
Now the only word that remains is the words “I Love You”
I can’t even cry and instead just stand in front of you
I can’t even cry and instead just stand in front of you


Translation Credits: Nhokshockqn2,
Romanizations by:

p/s :someone made a request for me to update this there I made it!!i'm just so in love with this song especially haha's is one of the unique talents in arts of singing..good job, bro!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

to be heard: the reply

my dear dinie, i'm sorry for the late reply.. i should have known that it won't be that easy for someone like you..yet, i've been acting like nothing had happened..i'm truly really sorry..this intelligent-for-nothing girl had been somehow stupid enough to ignore your carefree face expression when there is curiousity down deep in you..i must have been ignorant and insensitive (and i'm sorry for being like that all this time)

i can't promise you that i'll change..however i hope that you'll help me to turn over into a new leaf..your assistance is what i'm thirst of now.. please stay with me, friend and together insya-Allah we'll go to Jannah..

about that issue, i knew that it will happen the moment i wrote you the shouldn't be easy to put a halt on something that involves everyone in the world know this..but i also know that you're a tough girl..your irresistable charm, your adorable face had sometimes confused people around you that brought them into another world where burdens seem to be lifted up while problems seem to dissappeared from view..

it is my definition of i've been sticking to korean dramas like a gum..but i somehow never have experienced something like this's just that i know it's not a right thing to do..however, it's not yet the time for you to stop, my advice is that you should continue your attempt to tell him the truth..insya-Allah you'll be able to do it..but if and only if, he just seem like he don't want to care about your words..the, we'll talk about this matter at school..face to face..aye to eye..and then we can decide the best solution to this problem..

i really got to go now..hope you'll understand my words here..i know my english is poor but still i did my best..keep trying and know that i'll always be by your side..bye,baby

Sunday, September 23, 2012

pak belalang

assalamualaikum and hi there!!

i'm pretty sure that i have told you about my bro who is currently studying in nz..
and i bet if you've read my post about him, you'll never even remember what i told you..
cause there's nothing special in that nenekish-like-post (as what dinie always describes my writings)
well, i've got my own supporter AINATUL who has been reading my post leaving behind sweet comments and good words..tq, baby

sorry for bringing you through a  zig-zag writing section..
so, let me go straight to the point..
once upon a time, my bro had been 'ordered' to complete a drama..
pak belalang was his successful project with his roomates or maybe classmates ( i don't really know them)
and i've watched it several times because of the funny storylines..

as sharing is caring, this video shows how much i care about you..
meet my bro and his friends in his epic, interesting, short movie..
till then, enjoy!!!

narrabeen ensem production presents..


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Trifle and trifle


Trifle is a dessert dish made from thick (Or often solidified) custard, sponge cake, fruits, whipped cream and jelly. These ingredients are usually arranged in layers. Source: wikipedia

What's with this trifle thingy? Yesterday my mom made it with much love and it was scrumptious..unfortunately i didn't take a picture of it..and usually it will take some time before mom makes sth special like that again..

But for the matter of fact, my mom is currently making another trifle with honey dew flavoured jelly! I'm looking forward to my mom's undoubtly delicious cooking! That's all for now!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

ainatul i'm sorry

my dear ainatul, i'm truly sorry..i didn't mean to hurt you..
sorry for the wrong info..
sorry for making you burst into tears..
sorry for being a spoilsport of your day..
sorry for being a jerk..
sorry for EVERYTHING!!

please accept my apologies..i'm dying to hear your sweet voice and your calming me, i've tried to call you for many did dinie..but you're not there to pick up the phone..

things happen for a reason, right??please forgive me..will you??

i can't create my own sweet i will dedicate thing song just for you..there's no one other than you that can make my day..i'm really really sorry :-(


 ~ no other-by super junior ~

Monday, September 10, 2012


rumours have been spread that we're going to eagle ranch..
a very nice choice for a class trip..
wonder what will happen there..

Sunday, September 9, 2012

the awesomes

haven't write for long..
thought that it's time to tell you something..

just so you know, i have always read your cool blogs..dinie and ainatul..not to forget aina..
and soon i discovered that your writings were just awesome..
i bet i can't  do the same thing like you did..
and i can't help guys are AWESOME!!

so for the curious readers, welcome to my friends blog..
dinie's blog-for whom supporting pijuanddiniewillunite
ainatul's blog- for the happy-go-lucky-and-cute-girl
aina's blog- for the awesomes like her

the trial, the eid and merdeka day were okay(?)
well, for trial the results are just so-so..
as for the eid..i'd celebrated it with much joys and funs..
and for the 55th malaysia's independence always : i got up late and missed the grand celebration held at _______ ( feel free to fill in the blank cause i'm considered as an absent-minded person)

harry potter and the goblet of fire had been my accompany since last week..
this 4th book written by j.k rowling would most likely to be the last book i'll read before the BIG day..
guess there's not much time till then..
and tfes are going to be our daily routine now..still hope for the best...

my apologies for the bad english and maybe some non-suitable words that has been used..
i'm not a good photographer so again, sorry for no pics available..
till the brain gets some fresh ideas..buh-bye..

Thursday, July 26, 2012

                                                   credit to : illy from brotherhood arts

Saturday, June 2, 2012

happy belated birthday dad!!

assalamualaikum and hi everyone!!

it's a day late..but i still want to wish him with wonderful wishes..these are the special qualities of him which willl impress you regardless how many time you read it..

1. he's the most wonderful person that i have ever met
2. he's the reason i'm here for who i am now
3. he's the best thing that ever happen in my life
4. he got the sense of humour that makes everyone around  you feel comfortable
5. he got the spirit to move on no matter how much time you fall
6. he make my day brighter and shinier each and every second
7. he make things easier even when if it is impossible to do it at first
8. his love and care for me is more than enough yet he does not stop loving and caring for me
9. his expectation about me is always higher than anyone else- though most of the times i can't fulfill  his wish
10. he knows when i got it right and correct me when i'm wrong

dad, i'm just so glad to have respect for you is no different than your love for me, without boundaries.. you are my crowning support and the best thing that I own...

I might not know the pains you went through to make us what we are... but, what I know is that we all love you... may God bless you with love, care and warmth...

With you, Dad, am always at peace. You are my angel, my soul and the ultimate heavenly gift to me. Wish you a very Happy Birthday. I love you, My super father.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

thank you mom!!!!

my blisssful life starts when you gave birth to me...i have never imagine that i could be the one to receive this huge is like an achievement that cannot be obtained by strangers...and i'm very happy,glad to have YOU as my mom...

thank you for those days when you pick me up when i fell, you calm me down when i fail, you cherish me up when i lost my trail...

thank you too for those days when you pampered me so much, when you make me feel that i'm the best, when you make me smile even when you, yourself is not happy...

thank you for your patience in order to educate me to become a useful person, your continuous love that comes from the bottom of your heart, and your endurance to face my childish acts...

thank you, thank you, thank you..even if my words will obviously could not repay your deeds..but i still want to dedicate it to tou..cause you're special as you are...

love you mom...let us tighten our relationship and smile all the way to his Heaven ~ insya-Allah

p/s: the new song in 'the melody' is dedicated especially to my beloved mom, all moms and also mom-to-be out there...i love you so much and only God knows how much you meant to me..credits to- maher zain

Saturday, May 5, 2012


assalamualaikum and good evening everyone!!!

time never stops, clocks will always tick and mid year exam is just making its way towards me..slowly yet mysteriously..but am i going to be the only one in this wide,unique,indescribable and obviously wonderful world???no, of course not..there could be million people like me..or even trilion of them..but i wouldn't bother about the total..cause i've got to prepare myself and show them what i've got..and i bet you should do so...everyone is not perfect but perfect is not just a word that exist for i right about that??i'm pretty sure that at least one of the readers out there is agree with my statement..and if you are the one, thumbs up bro..we're the same :)

i'm going through my days this year with confidence and belief in myself that i can do better than anyone else..not that i can be better in drawing or colouring..but in the matter of academic..yes, the study of subjects that need to be explore and learn to be able to understand a little bit abut the that you're not left behind and continue your life being one of the most respectable peolple in this temporary world..even in the holy Quran stated that " One MUST learn from the cradle to the next world"..observe the sentence before which i bold the word must...indeed, Muslims must gain knowledge for this life and is a MUST so you are going to get rewards if you do it and punishments if you deny it..

my idea started to flow away as the night gets darker and deeper..may He blessed what we did today, forgive what we did yesterday and plan the best for us tomorrow..time is like a flowing river water..appreciate it while you still can and avoid doing work at the eleventh me, you'll regret later..anyeong!!!!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

happy birthday sister!!

assalamualaikum and hi everyone..

regarding the title, this post is especially for my be exact my one and only little sister...a little information to you sis, it is a blessing to have you in my life..thank you for your love and laughter those you shared with me before..and i really hope that this everlasting relationship will always be bless by Allah...

i am writing this post to wish you a day as soft as silk, white as milk, sweet as honey and full of money..may all your dreams come true.. i will always pray for your best in this life and hereafter..

on this wonderful day, here is some advice from me to you...always be a good girl and try your best to achieve something that will make your parents proud not ever give up even if you fail for the hundreth time because you will never fail until you stop trying..if you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very it?

enough of the for now, enjoy your birthday and have a memorable day..just wanted you to know that i will always be by your side..just do not search for me when i am in the toilet..hehe..