Sunday, February 19, 2017


Assalamualaikum and hi there!

I had promised a few friends of mine to actually describe and elaborate my vacation last two weeks, and since I myself can't resist the temptation to write, so here it is.


Alhamdulillah, with the help and cooperation of 15 members, we managed to make use of our end of Semester 1 exam. We hired a tour agent, a 'good' one, and travelled to Shimla, Manali, Agra, Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai. That does sounds like we've travelled for a month's period, but nay, we were just on a 10 days trip. And of course , Subhanallah, the more we discover, indeed, He always have more and more to offer.


And the journey begins. We first hopped on a sleeper bus (it was a very comfy mode of transport) and travelled for a duration of Seremban-Kelantan trip. We woke up to the sound of azan (from our phone apps) and performed Subuh prayer in the bus. It was a journey from Belgaum to Mumbai which needs us to get on a flight to New Delhi right after our arrival in Mumbai.

Enough of the changing of transportation paragraph, I'll just describe what we did in Manali. Our first day was a day of challenge. We actually did water rafting activity across the cold harsh river, when we've got neither experience nor adequate acclimatization period to overcome the coldness of Manali. But, after all, we're Oddsis right? #oddsishebat

We also went to the Snow Point wearing weird suits, pashmina making factory, and a few more places (unnamed and unknown). The most prominent memory would be the chill that reached our bones and made us sleepless  for three nights, yes, 3 horrible nights. Because the hotel rooms weren't occupied with heaters guys, and that made me cling to anyone who'd spare me some our their heat. TT

cantik mata memandang, tapi penat badan menggigil, hehe

yay, gambar dengan locals,,

best picture of the year, tahniah guys ;)

Oh, and not to forget, after almost 6 months I didn't get to enjoy the real taste of doughnuts, He's so sweet that He actually set me up to meet and eat one of the best doughnuts on Earth. Thank you cafe people.

Shimla was no different than Manali. Both were negatives so we had to bear another 2 sleepless nights, but the view of Shimla from the top of the hill was very very very beautiful. However, the journey from Manali to Shimla had me thrown up, sadly. The road were well-maintained but way too convolated. BEWARE

photographer : tangan saya pun nak masuk kamera gak

ponek tunggu kudo2

model produk saya, Qu Jelita

Shimla yg indah, 
In Shimla, I had my first experience riding a horse. Instead of having each horse guided by their owners, I rode the horse on my own (baik punya bhaiya, sigh). Alhamdulillah, the horse made a few attempts on introducing me to near-death experiences when it had me screamed as it walked at the edge of the valley, as we go up to the peak of the hill. Thus, it had me 'bertakbir' and 'berselawat' along the way, all praise to Him.

What's more important is, Maryam the dUCk rider made her comeback too !!

We then left Shimla for Agra, to witness the undeniable beauty of Taj Mahal, and it was a view that I couldn't take my eyes off it as soon as it entered my sight. Next, we also went to Agra Fort with a very reliable tour guide ( definitely not 'lelaki itu'), and had a well-spent time there.

model berjaya dan terkenal -ema

view of taj mahal from agra fort

masa ni duit pun xdak , nak beli apa pun x mampu

dalam gambar kat internet pun boleh search,
tapi depan mata mmg masyaAllah cantiknyaa

rasa kaya bila nak mkan, dah kenyang rasa  kosong poket ni TT

model pose terbaru

tak ingat nama tour guide ni, anyways tq sir
The journey is continued after spending hours in the tempo, and here we went to Amber Fort, riding on a jeep up to the hill and Isarlat and many more.
the best hotel evah

meriahnya warna barang

Here, my craving for real doughnuts were fulfilled, Alhamdulillah. And our 6 months of life in Belgaum without shopping malls around here, made us act like "jakun" in the mall. 

captured by abang,, mmg padu , thumbs up !!
This sums up our two weeks vacation in Golden Triangle of India. Above all, it was an enjoyable trip with you guys and am looking forward to another trip in some other places on Earth. Till then , ;)