Sunday, February 22, 2015

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assalamualaikum ;)

so today, as you could obviously see and read, this post is an appreciation post for a so-called enemy named after myself. what? like seriously? yeah, babe, seriously. ( it is not like my name is that uncommon, right?)

we were both destined to share the same name though hers is not the exact similar to mine. and as of what i can recall for now, we were most likely inseparable. like belangkas? we were schoolmates, classmates, bedmates, lockermates and so on. it is to the extent that i thought, were we married? astaghfirullahalazim. (itu melanggar fitrah , mohon dijauhkan)

there's too many things in my head, the myriad ideas of what i am going to write in this post. albeit, they were scattered and so not orderly arranged. cause you really don't  know how glad i was to have met such a friend like you. i wasn't just glad, i was beyond the feelings of ecstatic and grateful. that was how i really felt. (awwww, sweet-mweet like sugar in a pail-exaggerate)

for coping up with my whole one year of complete despair and crying, thank you.
for lending me your ears when i was desperate to spurt my words out, thank you.
for sharing the same thoughts, again and again, thank you.
for having to wake up early and get our turns for showers, thank you.
for your patience while putting me back alive after a 5 hours sleep, thank you
for backing me up when i was in troubles, thank you.
for staying up together at places i'd suggest, thank you.
and for your tolerance with my cold-hearted-friendship style, thank you. :P

the list may goes on forever like ever. though i wished i could have written more, the brutal feeling inside me is really uneasy right now, thus i stopped. i knew you knew me well, huh?

however, a single digit number has returned for our countdown to 3rd of march 2015. i am eager to meet you, but being nervous had almost covered up other feelings. i prayed that we could achieve the best, not just in the near future but also in the long run.

will hate you always, ms NURUL SYAFIQAH BINTI ROSLI

hanya background selipar pasar payang yang mampu aku sediakan.
mohon sabar.

walau muka kite besar, ni je gambaq kita bersama,
yang lain semua pelik. moga kekal hingga jannah ;)

Friday, February 6, 2015


assalamualaikum, human.
(jawab salam hukumnya wajib, kay. and that depends on what creature you regard yourself is. only humans need to answer though )

ended january with a lot of occasions but somehow i concluded it as a 'birthdays' month. because of that i would like to apologise to mom and hilmi for not writing birthday wishes on blog, even if it never matters.

27 & 28 january. both mom and hilmi shared a birthday with a day's difference making them special in a particular way. however, since hilmi had had his first birthday as a married man, so i decided to bake a cake just for my mom. plus, she's a very special woman, mom, wife, daughter, daughter-in-law,grandma, mother-in-law in every way. and she deserves it

unfortunately, the rest of the small party made for mama is not suitable to be publicised. let us SHIRAZ cherish it, as it is.

basically, i just finished my driving practice in the circuit, thus my next class would be the real one- jalan raya. 'bukit' was tough and i really love the parking session. Z and S are probably at the same level of difficulty if you know what i mean. all in all, march is going to be the month of jpj test, wish me the best, kay?

as for last week, mama and i went back to kelate and i've got me some pictures. below are the proofs:

that particular baju i sew by myself

mamatok's house

mama- an angel in disguise :D

i bet that is all. but before i end my writing for today, let me promote my sister's blog- and yeah, she's a newbie. do visit and follow  . and from the owner, alin, goodbye for now..