Wednesday, March 26, 2014


assalamualaikum everyone!!

wow, wow, wow.. been in a hiatus due to school session ain't weird, right?
actually, i've been wondering what is there to be shared with you and something popped out of my mind..

living in seseri, as a student, really taught me a lot about life.. how our life cycle would not happen as much as we hoped it to be.. but, there's always virtue in what's happening..all in all, only He knows what's the best for us.. undoubtedly.. :D

alhamdulillah, i am officially registered as a SPM 2014 candidate.
back to reality, i don't actually have time for all this writings..
but, my passion for writing shouldn't be ignored when i get the opportunity, isn't it?
agree or not, i still believe so.. :P

the main story for this post entitled as  ->


SESTER stands for SM SAINS KUALA TERENGGANU. We were so grateful to have met such wonderful people at the other side of Malaysia. it is fated that we met AYAHANDA, MR FAUZI, AWESOME TEACHERS OF SESTER and FRIENDLY OCCUPANTS OF SESTER !!

This programme lasts for a week and we were joined with ASIS students. it gave us evergreen memories and unforgettable moments. we learnt a lot in a very comfortable way of studying and mixing with the other gender after such a long year in SESERI did give us a shock. gender shock, maybe? huhu..

storytelling is nothing without pictures, huh? 
as for now, meet our moments in SESTER.. ta-da!!

went to tti on our first day

seseri on tram ride :P
cute potassium iodide..hihu

do suport us!! :D



at pasar payang


drama queens...

all hicoms except me..huhu

mr fauzi n ayahanda