Monday, November 25, 2013



sometimes people make it hard. all this while, there's only question marks in my head. i always wonder what could have happened. but surely, there's no definite answers for them. fortunately, i'm still on the good side. the bad news is that time flies and people change. let them change, but please, don't drag me along. just polish me to be better than i am now because fact stated that no one is perfect. and so do i.

people, maybe, just maybe you might hurt someone's feelings without your acknowledgement. the best part is, thre's a very simple conclusion to this confusion. ask for their apologies. say you're sorry for everything you've done. tell them how you really appreciate their presence in your life. make it clear that you love them so much that you can't bear to lose anyone. emphasis the fact that you're missing them every seconds. do these before you regret.

i might be a no one to you. but, sincerely there's a lot of thing that shouldn't be done to some people. you may take my advice to your thoughts, and you also can opt to just ignore them cause the choice is yours.
till we meet again :)

best regards from the author, assalamualaikum

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


today is the day, although it is just the beginning..

but whatever happens, just do your best and always remember Him as He knows all things inside out..
just so you know, that we will always be here for you, though distance break us apart but our hearts will always be supporting you..

bear in mind that nothing is impossible!! and since they can do it, why not you? we pray for your best with hope that everything goes well and that the challenges in the future appear to be the 'light' not the opposite..

good luck, sis and we wish you all the best!fighting!!!!

p/s: i'm sorry if it's not that bad <3

Friday, November 1, 2013

captured moments..

here i present you some special events that happened in 2013..
let the pictures talk..
'they' need to do their job too..

my bro's wed..

merdeka raya celebration

holiday in perak

eidulfitri 2013

imtiaz's dinner

end of sharing session...
still there's a lot unshared stories between us..
hope to write sth beneficial in the next post..
assalaualaikum, friends