Wednesday, May 25, 2011


assalamualaikum dear readers...sorry 4 not publishing any post since early this month..well,i was busy preparing 4 da it 4 the exam?.. i don't quite sure bout that..hehe..

yahooo!!!!fyi,i had just finished my mid-year test 4 dis year la..two zero zero one...or usually written as this-

if u couldn't translate the sure that u'll have to use sorry 4 that readers..but don't worry..cause im also using a spectacle since year was quite funny at first..but everyone including u wil get used of it..okay???

for dinie n ainatul stop being use yr time wisely kay??its just 4 reminder..actually u're not like that..hehe...n for atira dont u ever 4get to smile!i know u won't..i just wished to write that.. :)

n 4 my classmates..tq 4 everything..tq 4 being my true friend n tq 4 giving me a chance to be in a wonderful class..i will always appreciate our friendship..n REMEMBER!!!

n not to 4get...4 my dearest friends soni a.k.a sonia..i will always luv u..tq best fren..

that's all 4 now..hope to write sth better in the next post..adios amigos..

Sunday, May 1, 2011

launching time!

assalamualaikum readers! hope u're having such a wonderful day today!

well at this very short n precious time given to me..i am now officially launch the new blog template n some new songs too...hope u'll enjoy them..

n for the employees...GOOD JOB GUYS!! you are such committed person in your work...enjoy yr work n this lABOUR DAY!okay?!

see u next time readers!!! bye 4 now...sorry 4 not discussing the post i've promised b4...sorry, but not today..bye bye...luv u...