Sunday, May 21, 2017


Assalamualaikum :)

Yay, Wifi had made its comeback, finally! 

As you've read from the title and only if you can understand, I am just retyping what I wrote the other day. But, of course as a girl of written speech, there's a small part of my life story at the end of the post (not from the written one)


Nothing much happened this week, but the ending of hematology block was a great relief to Oddityx (or it was for me). We had a packed 3 weeks of GMT 106, with greater number of lectures of pathology than physiology. Though you guys can most probably relate them. In most cases, we need blood sample to diagnose and rectify our diagnosis with lab evidences. Only few simple cases devoid of this. So, logically thinking, those blood test results are the indicators of myriad diseases and of course there's much to learn.

The list can go on but to name a few, we have leukemia, thalassemia, hemophilia and many more. That's for my progress in medical school.

Now, let's move on to an even more interesting story, where we have had the opportunity to visit Bangalore :) Oh, maybe it isn't as interesting for you, but it is for me , :P

Alhamdulillah, it was a smooth and long journey with a total of 20 hrs time spent in the bus (to and fro). Places we visited were Tippu Palace, Lalbagh Park and the highlight of all - Orion Mall. We, the villagers of Belgaum were so excited to finally step into a real shopping mall. We get to eat real doughnuts (I've written this somewhere,so, "Am I really in love with just doughnuts?") with our lot of happy pills. (Yes you guys are - tolong terharu sikit)


penerangan objektif n misi - oleh YAB fayot

hidung awak mancung la

too many emojis , shoo cute

model perut comel (sebelah kiri gambar ya),
yg kanan tu model extra, xdak pon xpa

cantik kan?

overnya lighting, mcm kena bakaq ja

Up next is THE RISE. Two weeks prior the event, I was assigned to make a montage video of us. Everything went well, all thanks to Him. It was not only my first time being a multimedia biro, but it was also my first time producing a video. Since I am very new to video editing so I wasn't expecting much. And there it was, I actually left out an usrah group, the entire usrah, making the video a very sad one to the left-outs. I'm sorry,guys. Nevertheless, I love myself who is trying hard to take up a challenge and learn from the mistakes ( harap tiada pihak menyesal minta ana jadi multimedia biro, boleh hire ana next time, jangan takut pula )

#retromanifesto was the theme of our very first dinner as a med school students. Though not involved directly, I can feel the  busy vibes in organizing such a succesful dinner.

And as always, it is so not Fadzlin to make much of an effort to follow the theme. Maybe one fine day she will. Pray for her.

But, that's not important, because the spotlight goes to the emcees- Fatini & Syahmi. They'd created such a relaxed dinner atmosphere, experienced multimedia members (sebab takda saya ke? TT) and a very 'mantop' flow of event. 

A very big congratulations to Muhsin and his team for making it a memorable night. 👏👏👏👏

Slot Samarindi : Mak mertua vs menantu-menantu 

meja kena pinggir

photographer : "penat la suruh ready"

Slot Samarindu : Sahabat-sahabat gangster

gambaq paling sy sukaaaaa


Today's coretan. One may forgot that it all depends on how much we hold on to Him and how much we depend on Him. It's not wholly about what we did, what we say or what we think because in the end, we only have Him whom we can rely upon 100%. We can't possibly blame or have high hopes upon 'makhluk Allah yang memang banyak kekurangan-termasuk diri sendiri', because no man is an island right?

What I learnt and be reminded about is on tolerance issue. I couldn't possibly accept all people's behaviour and so is everyone, and that's the biggest why I should somehow tolerate what can be tolerated. Though sometimes, there are things that hurts and I ended up crying because of the pain. That's how reality works. 

And that is also my reason to opt written speech rather than spoken ones. Because during writing, I can filter my words thoroughly, reread, recheck my thinking so as to not hurt anybody's feelings, because I always knew that spurting out words while being emotional are the very least intelligent thing to do. On the other side, arranging words while speaking need the most careful mind, just to ensure that those words aren't eating yourselves. So, my biggest advice to the still-learning Fadzlin is, always, always, always mind your words. You might not notice that one day, you'll regret saying what you said. and act wisely too please

 - I am sorry for a little mixed of languages there, because I hoped with those chosen words, my message can actually be relayed to you. Thank you for reading, muggles. 
"By banyak-membebel-witch Alin"