Friday, March 30, 2012

happy birthday sister!!

assalamualaikum and hi everyone..

regarding the title, this post is especially for my be exact my one and only little sister...a little information to you sis, it is a blessing to have you in my life..thank you for your love and laughter those you shared with me before..and i really hope that this everlasting relationship will always be bless by Allah...

i am writing this post to wish you a day as soft as silk, white as milk, sweet as honey and full of money..may all your dreams come true.. i will always pray for your best in this life and hereafter..

on this wonderful day, here is some advice from me to you...always be a good girl and try your best to achieve something that will make your parents proud not ever give up even if you fail for the hundreth time because you will never fail until you stop trying..if you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very it?

enough of the for now, enjoy your birthday and have a memorable day..just wanted you to know that i will always be by your side..just do not search for me when i am in the toilet..hehe..


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

it has been way too long...

assalamualaikum n hello everyone!!!

what a nice day and hope that you are in the pink of health...
it has been way too long since i wrote the laaaaast post..

i've been thinking of suitable things to share and nothing came out from my i decided today to write anything that my hands type..( a very weird english, sorry for that )

i've gone through the exam was the march test but the results are still unknown..but i'm hoping that my achievement would be better and beyond my expectations..i really hope so..and if God wills, He'll granted my wish this time...i'm going to believe myself for now cause i know i really did me best.. :)

this is another story...i just came back from a leadership camp..i've been enjoying my time there as lots of activities organised while we're in the camp..on the second day at the camp, i've got the 'chance' to dive in the mud full of tadpoles and other insects..don't mention about the smell which is just too fragrant to be smelt...we also got the chance to catch the fish using our bare hands and cook them with turmeric..after being tortured in the mud,we were very grateful to enjoy the cold water of the be more specific we were not at the hulu of the waterfall, but at the middle part of it..
this story is just about the second day..

on the third day, we were enable to be at the water confidence and kayaking station..i think i didnt mention about ainatul before..she would be the important person in this part of the post..without her i might not be able to live..hahaha..and whenever i said that, she would reply me with = what is so hard to be alive? just breath in and out till God takes your life. isn't it?? it's good to have you with me..sorry for the scoldings and anger i throw at you..i just want to make you believe that you can be a leader..and a leader must be responsible of her group..btw congratulations for being a leader for the 1st time!!!

at the water confidence station, we were asked to swim and i thought "oh God, this is a disaster"..i did try to swim exactly as i've been told to...but i must accept the fact that i can swim but cannot only with ainatul's help, i can reach the kayaking station...then, we received the instructions and picked a two-seaters me, it's the best experience ever!!!

thank you ainatul for being my friend and life saviour..God bless you..and i want to thank you a million times..sincerely from my heart..sorry again for my bad attitude and deeds..

that's all for this post..enjoy my journey at the camp and feel free to ask me any questions about the camp named'll enjoy yourself as soon as you reached there..

Hei kona rā...