Friday, December 23, 2011

there is virtue in what is happening...

bismillahirrahmanirrahim..may what we did today had been accepted by The All Mighty...

this post's title seems to be related to what had happened in the diary of my life today..
of course i'm not going to tell you what really happened..but you can assumed it as quite a big problem..and because of the incident, i think we will not be able to go to kelantan... :(

well, as human we can only plan, but He will decide everything..every single thing that happened in our life have been fated..and as a muslim we must believe one know what will happen tomorrow or the day after...even if there is someone who can, it must be the fortune-telling, speculation or prediction..

the best of all, we should be grateful for His blessings and accept the misfortune events as a sign of His love for fact, He is the Most Caring..and i bet you know it too..

i think that's all for today..i've got nothing else to talk about.. may Allah bless you always..wo ai ni!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

start your day with a gorgeous smile!!                           
may He bless you always....

hi there!!!!it's me..the blog owner!!
hehehe...well, today i've got some idea to write..

firstly,guess what??!!!my bro, he finally made it to nz!!!CONGRATZ bro!!!!you made me fell jealous of you...i really really envy you..and i'll make sure that i'll be better than you...insya-Allah..

secondly, it's time for me to go for a 'vacation' can assume it like that..but actually, it's not really a vacation..i'm just going back to my hometown!!kelantan, here i come!!!

thirdly, starting from today onwards, i'll try my best to use proper language with full spelling..i hope that you can help me to do reprimanded me if i use the same style as before...i'm just trying to use the proper language cause i do not want to make mistakes in exam..especially mistakes on spelling..i would like to avoid that kind of error...

lastly, i would like to share some advice with you readers..DO NOT ever hurt your parents', teachers', siblings' or one's cherish their day with your help and maybe some massage or fact, their blessings and love for you are countless..and most importantly, their guide for you, insya-Allah will bring you to, you should show your appreciation towards them through many ways..

ok that's all for you!!!saranghae!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

special day special post!!

hi and assalamualaikum there!!!

i bet u must be wondering how special is the day today..don't you???well, if u're the blogger of a blog, the special day 4 u must be your birthday!! n the same goes to me..(if u ever think like me)..

so, here born a 14-years old my opinion i'm not that old..i think i'm quite young compared to my classmates who are months older than me..n that is one of the 'keistimewaan' celebrating your birthday in december...

actually, i'm really hoping 4 a birthday party..since there is none of them, do sing along wid me..sing what??of coz the birthday song, dude!!

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to Alin,
happy birthday to you...

i should have sing happy birthday to me..but as you know i asked you before to sing along wid it is the appropriate song..hehe..

as this is is a special post, i would like to thank these special person..

to mom n dad : thank you for being my beloved n precious parents!! as your child, i would like to apologise n   thank u two for your patience,love,courage n everything you gave to me..they are countless..n even for the rest of my life, i can't repay your kindness..therefore i prayed that u two will be blessed n insya-Allah will be in His heaven in afterlife..

to my siblings : thank you for being the most naughty,funny n loving siblings..the precious moments i spent wid all of you are the most appreciated..thank you again..

to my friends : you are the best presents gifted to me....your presence in my life, brings such happiness n prosperity...thank you for your willingness to befriend wid me..

to my blog readers : you're not exceptional..having you reading my boring posts are really appreciated..thank you for your comments n time you've spent to read my posts..may god bless u..

for someone out there that does not belong in the categories not be're the one that will be bless always... :)

last but not least, it's the time for me to, bye for now!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

tentang dhia..

assalamualaikum readers!!!

the title seems familiar for those who follow the 'akasia' slot TV3...its the latest drama series for this slot..dinie n ainatul..finally you got me watching this series...

this drama starts with an annoying, long n boring song..yeah, im sure u'll agree wid my opinion..or maybe i'm just the only one who think like that..heheh...

actually, i don't know what to talk bout this drama starring Nora Danish, Adi Putra n Tasha's a drama about triangle love conflict between the actor n actress starring..this drama is full of conflicts, n of course there must be a bad character followed by the good ones which will always be the victim..

did i wrote like a promoter or sth??hehe..just ignored it...

finally, dhia had to accept zikir as her husband..n azmi let her go..the story had just started wid melly whose hiding herself from the drugs dealers...n her mom being attacked by them..wait2!! why should i tell u this..u should just watch it on's the best...go watch them..u'll like it..

by n by, the time passes so fast but as usual i can't write even faster from the first post i that's all 4 today..see u guys later!! got to ya..


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

assalamualaikum n hi there? under pressure cause having a problem wid my comp..just having such precious chance to write this post..i've to go through a lot of obstacles to get this u should thank me 4 that..hehehe...

wid my bro's lappy, there's not much that i can a result, i will just tell u bout my is...BORING!!!i didn't do anything other than sleep, eating n of coz do my prayer..but is that all?such a very, really,boring n not that much fun..

holiday should be a period of time that we are goin to have fun, enjoying ourselves n the nature through will be nice if we could go 4 a vacation..i would love to...

as i was writing bout my holiday..i will be grateful if u would like 2 share ur story about this won't be necessary if u couldn't make ur time..but i really2 hoping that u will share it wid it in ur blog n dont 4get to tag me..heheh..just joking...

if u have any idea of filling my precious n golden time..feel free to leave a comment here..i appreciate all ur ideas, comments, time that u have spend to read my my posts that are not worth not benefit so sorry 4 that...i can't help but keep doin the same thing..publish a boring n 'tak menguntungkan' post..i don't know da appropriate word to replace it...

this should be quite long to waste ur time love me readers!!cause i'll always love u..insya-allah...

p/s: dinie sorry 4 not posting the pics u asked b4..i can't use my comp..u know that..please look forward to my post..cause i'll never broke my promises..if i forget..please remind sorry, so sorry..

Friday, November 11, 2011


assalamualaikum n hi there!!!

well as u can see, the title itself is not that interesting, but if u want to proceed ur reading, u r most welcome...

11.11.11 ... how could it be such a beautiful date in this wonderful year?? n how did it know when to appears in a memorable moment of our lifes??well i guess it is fate..there's no other reasonable reasons to explain there any?then don't hesistate to leave a comment here!!!goin to wait 4 ur answers dude!!!

A whole year has ended, a new year bound to start. Let's make the best of it. Cheers! And happy holidays!i copied it from someone..but please don't call me copycat..i'm not like won't differs ur perceptions of me if u r sincere wid me all this while..

did i annoy u???sorry 4 that guys..didn't know that u will get bored n bored n bored after reading my post with this uninteresting stories in it...

since the holidays is just around the corner.. n started to waves their hands at us..i would love to ask u about ur plans 4 this holidays...u must be ready for a vacation this holiday right???tony, also will go to new delhi..hope he will buy me souvenirs from there..

Friday, October 28, 2011

happy bday ainatul!!!

salam readers!!!

just publishing the post 4 our bday girl!!! May this birthday offer you as much joy and happiness as you give to all who know you!!!

this is just 4 u ainatul!!!

~ May ALLAH give u lots of such joys & happy moments.
May U live long & live happy. May worries, thoughts,angers & bad lucks remain away 4m u.
I wish u good luck.
A nice & lovely life 2 come. Bright & joyful future & all the goods that U
can ever Wish or think off. I wish, may ur dreams come true & all sad
thoughts off.

i copied the wishes..but it comes sincerely from my me..sorry 4 da late wishes btw..luv u...muahzzz....

Monday, October 24, 2011

happy holiday!!!

assalamualaikum n salam 1 malaysia...

what's up readers?going for any trip??or just watching the walls inside ur house??then u'll be like me...but there's a difference cause i just finished watching ph!!!it is such a beutiful drama..can't stop watcing it...

da exam had finished..n the da indians r waiting 4 their wonderful, as a malaysian i would like to wish u all happy deepavali!!!

the new's nice, right?????i really love it..hope u will tooo....n i think i'd better stop now..hope to receive comments from u...adios!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

happy malaysia day!!

assalamualaikum n hi there!

im gonna tell u about last week events..the first n memorable event is to send my sister was for the 5th time..i guess so...she's been with us since ramadhan started..n actually it was raining cats n dogs that day..we couldnt see her plane departs from the airport...we were quite disappointed but we did have a good day..

so, fyi she boarded her plane on wednesday n since i was eager to be there,i 'took' a leave from the class that was fun to play truant on a very long n boring day..really!!n when i asked my friend about the day, she said they learned was a relief... :)

n for thursday, we had the Malaysia Day celebration organised by our was held in the hall with all form 1 to form 6 students in it..the performances were beautiful n colourful with all students from different races joined the event..i was amazed of the various talents showed by the students..

n for now, i am in the ict class with mr husnizan.. he told us to do our own i decided to use this precious time to write sth to u readers..sorry for the bad language n please leave a comment so that i can improve my english...feel freeeee to visit my blog again!! u...

Thursday, August 18, 2011


attention!!this is only a mini post...

i've put two new listen to them..they are really beautiful songs..n they are the best among the best!

n starting today i've decided to teach while learning new vocabs of arabic words..hope u'll be happy with this new change... :)

n the word for today is- عَمَّازَةٌ ('ammazatun)= dimple(lesung pipit)

the word we learn today is one of many things that can describe me...hehe..okay..bye 4 now..

it's a special gift from God to be in this amazing month!

assalamualaikum n hello there...

it's quite a loooooong time since i got the chance to share my day with u all...i miss those moments, REALLY!!!

by the way, i don't think that i'm too late to wish u a ~

just enjoy the gift for u readers! we may not get the chance to be in this amazing, special n indescribable month use the chance wisely..increase the quality n quantity of your prayers..n not to not make your day fill with sadness n whatever that is not appropriate...

n 1 more thing..for all fulfill this one n only special course in this monthh...SOLAT TARAWIKH!!kay?bye...

Monday, June 20, 2011

especially 4 my DAD!

assalamualaikum readers..

since da exam ended n the results are stil on their way to get to know me..this is da 1st post 4 u dear not that kind of people who forgot their promises but im kinda human that is a little bit lazy..but 4 da 1st time i wrote a post wid a very happy heart...

da only reason i wrote dis post is to say

actually i should have published this post yesterday..but sth i decided to publish it today!it was nth really but this is especially for matter what happens..
as a conclusion,i've got nth else to say..but fyi i really enjoyed my holiday..i was in kelantan as u know(if only u knew)..meeting my grandma,uncles,aunties n cousins..i was really like jumping all around but in the 3rd day..i've got stomachache n i vomit for almost 5 times!so i thought it was just meant to happen to me on that special vacation to my hometown...

i think i've got to be too far from the real topic but i hope it won't annoys u..isn't it?if it is..forgive me...BUT..its my blog,right?'ve my rights to write everything...n i think i've gtg now...i am really not in the mood right now...


Wednesday, May 25, 2011


assalamualaikum dear readers...sorry 4 not publishing any post since early this month..well,i was busy preparing 4 da it 4 the exam?.. i don't quite sure bout that..hehe..

yahooo!!!!fyi,i had just finished my mid-year test 4 dis year la..two zero zero one...or usually written as this-

if u couldn't translate the sure that u'll have to use sorry 4 that readers..but don't worry..cause im also using a spectacle since year was quite funny at first..but everyone including u wil get used of it..okay???

for dinie n ainatul stop being use yr time wisely kay??its just 4 reminder..actually u're not like that..hehe...n for atira dont u ever 4get to smile!i know u won't..i just wished to write that.. :)

n 4 my classmates..tq 4 everything..tq 4 being my true friend n tq 4 giving me a chance to be in a wonderful class..i will always appreciate our friendship..n REMEMBER!!!

n not to 4get...4 my dearest friends soni a.k.a sonia..i will always luv u..tq best fren..

that's all 4 now..hope to write sth better in the next post..adios amigos..

Sunday, May 1, 2011

launching time!

assalamualaikum readers! hope u're having such a wonderful day today!

well at this very short n precious time given to me..i am now officially launch the new blog template n some new songs too...hope u'll enjoy them..

n for the employees...GOOD JOB GUYS!! you are such committed person in your work...enjoy yr work n this lABOUR DAY!okay?!

see u next time readers!!! bye 4 now...sorry 4 not discussing the post i've promised b4...sorry, but not today..bye bye...luv u...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

good evening everyone..

assalamualaikum n hello readers!!

just stopping by..doesn't have anything to say but maybe this would be enough...just keep going n never give up..n if u dare do sth that u have never did b4..sth beneficial of course..make good use of yr precious time...may Allah bless u u readers!

bye readers..n hev a good day!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In order to achieve anything you must be brave enough to fail...

assalamualaikum n nite readings..remember the greetings must come's a proper way to show yr respect to others, kay????

i repeat the topic order to achieve anything you must be brave enough to fail..have u ever heard this unique quote??if this is yr first time...the same goes with me...hehe...i've been wanted to share this picture since i've found's just too awesome for me...isn't it???

the baby looks so cuuuute...his chubby cheeks makes me fell in love with him...haha...

okay..that's enough...let's get back to our main topic...have u ever felt the feeling of success???n if u didn't...just trust me that u'll experience it least u've tried to do yr best..isn't it readers???

u'll never fail to gain success..even if u didn't reach yr goals...u'll still succeed...just try to find the best way to reach yr biggest success in yr's better late than never...n u know what??lou lamoriello had once said that good is not good enough when better is my advice don't u dare to give up kay???

this post seems too long but just ignore the number of words kay???btw,just use the failures as a medium to improve yrselves...n just looked at yr failures as challenges that u could learn from n lessons that will help u in the future...that would be good..n better than u hate n torture yrself bcause of your failures...

back to the couldn't ever run away from the failures...the more they ran away the more the failures tried to fear try to look failure in a different a positive they can challenge u..n force u not to make the same mistake again..isn't it???

let's stop our discussion here...sorry for my terrible language...n sorry to leave u in the middle of our dicussion..hope to continue this post u all...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


assalamualaikum readers...i'm hearing to some wonderful songs..just one other word to describe them..AWESOME!!!!

enjoying this day??i don't know...probably yes..cause i got home early today...not as usual...lying on the carpet while watching tv...isn't that sounds like..i don't know...just ignore your opinion about my day kay??

u know what???last saturday..i met mrs haida!!!how exciting...hoping her life as a new person may bring happiness for this wonderful teacher..or maybe an indescribable teacher!!!wish u all the best cher!!!

okayla readers..i got to go..i need to sew my blouse...wish me luck kay???luv u all...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

school day...

Assalamualaikum n nite readers…I’ve got the mood back…gud luck 4 me n u too…may God bless u n I always…

While I’m writing this actually the time had shown that it is already 8:27 p.m…no wonder I’m still fresh…I’ve been sleeping this evening for quite a long time…but I’ll not tell u for how many hours!!just wanna keep it as a secret…private n confidential…just for fun..hehe….

I’d learnt biodiversity this Monday..i think so…I just didn’t remember the day…hhaha…it’s just a day…so, my advice just ignore it….

4 yr information, this chapter is quite easy n suits me as fast as it??well, not as fast as I told u…but I think it is…

This chapter is just the same as we learnt in standard 5…it’s about the living things around us…but we’ve learn it a bit ‘deeper’…we’ve learnt about mammals, reptiles,birds,fish n amphibians…so as their characteristics…quite interesting..don’t u agree?

I’ve been here 4 such a long time…so, I think I’d better go now…sorry 4 the lack of informational things in this post…hope u’ll enjoy…hehe….

Sunday, April 3, 2011

sorry readers!!!

assalamualaikum had been a very very long time since the march test end..n since that time i've got no time to write sth 4 u...well, please don't ask me why..cause i still can't figure it out yet..sorry 4 disappointing u readers!!!sorry,sorry,sorry....

n 4 my dearest friends thank u for supporting me...i'm very grateful to hev u frenzz....luv u..

n for my beloved family..thank u 4 caring n loving me since i've been able to see this wonderful world...huhu....

n for the loyal readers...even i think there is no loyal readers...not even one!!! but if there, thx for being loyal..i really appreciated that..thx..

n just to say that i'll always love u...bye for now..adios..

Saturday, March 19, 2011

any idea??

assalamualaikum n hello there!!!!

since holidays r just about to end..i've decided to write sometin about this holidays....
well it's not sometin memorable but happening!!!haha...watever...

but this is the last day for me to use the precious time...n njoy it wid my my bro n sis will go back to their hostel 2mrw...

actually i didn't have any idea about what am i goin to 4 now...luv u all...n for those who r having a difficult time..just remember that He will always be there...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

indescribable post

Assalamualaikum readers… how are u today? Are u having a nice day? Or is it become the worst day ever?

Well, for this people they said that…

-  “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God's gift, that's why we call it the present.” Joan Rivers 
- “Yesterday is a cancelled check; tomorrow is a promissory note; today is the only cash you have - so spend it wisely” Kay Lyons

In this life…we have to think the way to be the best of the best..and do anything to achieve our possible ambition…we can learn from the past, prepare for the future and live in the present…if we do that, we could possibly be anything we want to be…

Think twice about this indescribable post… adios amigos!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


assalamualaikum readers...

holiday season had just started...which is only just for 1 week...which is also a long period of school holidays said mr elimin..tq for yr opinion sir! however the school holidays had come with the 'holiday packages' which is very well-known among the students... for our responsible and kind teacher..tq for preparing those packages for us..we really appreciated that..don't you? just admit it...u wont be able to fill yr precious time time without those packages, right? anyone agreed??? anyway it's just my opinion.. it's up to you whether to agree or deny it..

just to remind u again...plz take care of yrselves during this holidays kay? i'll miss you readers... bye 4  now... love u all!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

new template..

assalamualaikum n hi readers...

so, just wanna tell u readers, as u can see my template had been it cool?? is it? i don't know... just act as u like it although if u do not want to... hehe... so, the theme 4 this wonderful month will be black n white.. such a perfect macth... i would love to have a chance to change the template every months... but we'll see how things are going... we can only plan but God will decide what will happen, right? okay la readers.. i got to go...see u next time..bye...

lots of love,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

hello there!

assalamualaikum readers....

how was the test? that was one of antoine's questions since he suffered a 'wishing u gud luck' disease...well i did reply him..the tests were not to easy n not to is between the two..nvm, what past is past? remember that i've said that before this..meaning it is really have to be taken a doctor who works in the emergency room who has to treat different people with different injuries or diseases has to be done with focus n knowledge..isn't it? if u dont think so please call the TR for more information about this...hehe

well, speaking about the sis had already took her flight to Egypt was really upsets me up..but no matter what..she have to be there right? to learn n then treats u n my family! how great it will be...cant stop thinking of it...the sky seems to be darker n, welcome night...n for u readers dont forget to smile!!!!

~to my beloved sis- once u read this, just wanna tell u that we luv u...take    good care of yrself kay?..chaiyok!!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

wish me the best of luck!

assalamualaikum n as usual nite readers..tomorrow is going to be the first day for my March, do pray for my best,kay! this post is just an excuse to miss my studying session..haha..just is just to relax my mind for not being to stress...therefore readers, bye 4 now...i really,really,really need to continue my study...bye,bye readers!! luv u all now n forever...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


assalamualaikum n nite, readers...
this post maybe, do prepare yrselves... it one of our hobbies? or is it one of our dislikes? well, the choice is yours! u can choose either to announce it as yr hobby or dislike... whatever yr answer will be, in my opinion it should be one of our hobbies...sorry if this topic had been so common to be discuss...but i think we should remind each other always...cause we're humans...we often act like we could memorise things but actually we couldn't

although reading is a good habit, but it could be bad can that be? i'm sure u understand what i'm talkin' about...cause u're readers r clever n smart..those who had been given chance to be a capable n clever, do thank God for his kindness to give u this chance...

just to add some knowledge 4 u....
~ there is no substitute  for learning n
~ the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from u..

i'd realise that i've gone too far from the topic..sorry for that...but i think u should stay tuned with wait for my new post kay? i've some work to, bye 4 now...have a nice dream...n hoping that may the dreams come true...God bless u...

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Assalamualaikum dear readers… How are u today? Hope u are fine now n always… today is Sunday n tomorrow is Monday…everyone know that right? Just reminding u cause I’d love to do I hope u’ll accept me for who I am… there is nothing to tell u again..n just to tell u readers that I will have an examination this march…so wish me the best of luck kay? Hope to write something with more information for u in the next post..hope to see u again…tata readers! N always remember to SMILE :)….

Friday, February 25, 2011

my first post...tada!!!

assalamualaikum n wc 2 my blog..juz tryin to publish a, here is my,my,my...what a nervous day..i was just hev 2 do my oral..but da things goin upside i wish i could do my oral again!!only god knew wat i was feelin...well,past is must go on,right??anyway i've got notin 2 tell u,, bye 4 now...hev a nice day!! :)