Wednesday, September 21, 2011

happy malaysia day!!

assalamualaikum n hi there!

im gonna tell u about last week events..the first n memorable event is to send my sister was for the 5th time..i guess so...she's been with us since ramadhan started..n actually it was raining cats n dogs that day..we couldnt see her plane departs from the airport...we were quite disappointed but we did have a good day..

so, fyi she boarded her plane on wednesday n since i was eager to be there,i 'took' a leave from the class that was fun to play truant on a very long n boring day..really!!n when i asked my friend about the day, she said they learned was a relief... :)

n for thursday, we had the Malaysia Day celebration organised by our was held in the hall with all form 1 to form 6 students in it..the performances were beautiful n colourful with all students from different races joined the event..i was amazed of the various talents showed by the students..

n for now, i am in the ict class with mr husnizan.. he told us to do our own i decided to use this precious time to write sth to u readers..sorry for the bad language n please leave a comment so that i can improve my english...feel freeeee to visit my blog again!! u...