Tuesday, July 21, 2015

raya mode: ON

Assalamualaikum dear readers of a never-entertaining-yet-still-love-to-blog  blog of mine.

Alhamdulillah, we had actually been there, in a holy month of Ramadhan in year 1436 Hijri. 29 days had passed, we were blessed, we were happy , and we were grateful for its arrival.
May all of our good deeds, our ibadah will be accepted by Him and may this Ramadhan wasn't our last one. Amiin.

Raya mode is now turned ON.

our burning spirits to never ever give up. love em.

we got 5 out of 11. (ade sorang lagi, tp ponek kojo)

at wan teh's house

at wan cu's house

at tok lang's

ati: mohon ampuan tuanku
me: huh, ada aku kisah

at tok cik's

our first syawal was celebrated in negeri sembilan, hokay. that's abah's hometown. so, the very next day , we departed to kelantan aka mama's hometown. 'jalan-jalan raya' now begins.

presenting mamatok

merenung ke luar jendela, melihat kebesaranNya..

apo kono

at tok ngah's

maryam selfie. hebak mung!

the short time and chance given to meet and greet all of our relatives is more than enough. All praise to Him, to never written anything better than we'd expected.
trials do come and go. so do ni'mat. and He never tests His servants beyond what we can bear.

for those who is curious ( as if there's any), i am currently in KMKu, preparing myself to face a war, a battle amongst the 97's. i've got a new family of mine, but mind me, i need some time to get to know each other in and out. and in shaa Allah, there'll surely be a post about us. 

SABAQ NA. Assalamualaikum.